Thursday, March 7, 2013

I gave up daytime TV to accomplish better things by Kate Johns

I decided to not watch ANY morning/daytime TV anymore. Every time I turned on the TV,  I was watching more Tv, thus wasting time. As a writer who works from home, I need to write to make money. Currently I am starting a new business with my husband, and I am writing a book, (isn't everyone?). So I made the BIG decision not to watch any more morning or daytime TV.

I realized that I was wasting time every morning watching the news, morning TV shows, and comedy later on. While eating meals I turned on the TV, ending up watching TV for an hour or two. At first I was doing great. I sat down to eat, watched 15 minutes of news and turned off the TV. I realized about that I had morphed into this super lazy person who was watching an hour or more of TV every morning. I discovered an entire world of bright, happy faces telling how wonderful life was. I started following Robin Roberts, (Good Morning America), cancer survivor story.I laughed, and cried at the funny things Ellen was saying. I started relating these funny, oh so happy stories to my husband at night after eating dinner. Essentially, I was not accomplishing anything major. What I discovered may help you accomplish more in your life:

1. I was wasting several hours a day watching TV.
2. I was not reaching my goals.
3. I was not writing anything I really wanted, and needed to.
4. I was gaining weight---in all the wrong places.
5. I felt stupid.
6. I knew all the Infomercials by heart----how sad is that!
7. I was not accomplishing anything positive everyday.
8. I knew what every morning show was on between 7 and 11 every morning.
9. I discovered I was complaining everyday about my crappy life to my husband.
10, NOT watching the morning news, complete with people arguing I feet happier.
11. I started setting REAL life goals for myself.
12. I feel better about myself----already!

Now that I am happily upstairs writing and working all day, I feel better. I am accomplishing more real life goals. I am not watching hours of mindless TV. I do not miss TV news. I do not miss anchors and authors of new books arguing with each other. I realized I was helping Ellen De Generes's career grow, while ignoring mine.

I am spending less time watching TV and less time  chattering incessantly with my Facebook friends. Instead I am currently planning, and working towards a new marketing/advertising business. And yes, I'm still writing my book. Isn't everyone?