Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Give the Gift of LOVE For Christmas

How about doing something different this year forgoing buying expensive gifts for everyone on your Christmas shopping list? Why not wrap your arms around the ones you love and give them the gift of love and time? Forget booking an expensive holiday vacation to a warm, sunny place. Visit your friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, the homeless, hospital patients, and even older folks in nursing homes.

The holidays are really supposed to be about giving the gift of love, not some meaningless gift bought at a store to increase the retailer's bottom line. With the commercial aspect of the holiday season getting  out of line, just doing something simple for everyone on your holiday gift- giving list can be the best thing you can do.

You will become the happiest person alive by spreading holiday cheer to one and to all. Throughout the holiday season, smile everywhere you go. Throw holiday parties and invite people and extend the warmth of the season by giving everyone a big hug. Make certain that you engage each person who wanders in through your front door, in earnest, heartfelt conversation. Put your arm around a longtime friend. Give hugs and kisses, to everyone, even your grumpy boss. Extend your invitations to your children and have them give hugs and kisses to relatives, and friends.

Take your kids to an elderly neighbor's home and bring them cookies freshly baked from your oven. Bring the kids along and give your neighbor the gift of time. Sit with her and talk about the neighborhood and life in general. She will appreciate it very much and won't feel left out this holiday season. Have your children shovel elderly neighbor's driveways and sidewalks, so that they can get out of the house without the hassle or the worry. This way, your children will learn the gift of giving, and you will be helping someone else at the same time.

Instead of just donating items to your local animal shelter or your local food pantry, volunteer at one instead. Bring the kids along, a friend or a neighbor and have a good time volunteering together. Volunteer at a local food pantry and get the inside view of how they feed all those people. Smile and talk to everyone you see that day. This will brighten their life a little and yours as well!

By serving other people and extending yourself you are giving the best gift of all LOVE. Giving the gift of a warmth and cheer, you will feel the real reason behind the holiday season. Now, isn't that better than getting caught up in all that commercialism and spending a lot of money on meaningless gifts that people will only return to the stores the day after Christmas? Copyright 2008, written by Kate Johns, who has been freelance writing since 2004.