Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strange Pennsylvania Town Names

There are hundreds if not thousands of strange town names towns in the second  oldest state in the United States, of Pennsylvania. Many of the towns are over one hundred years old, many dating back even farther, to two hundred years old.

To people living in these strange sounding named towns, I am almost certain that these folks would not think a name such as Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania would sound odd. (Nope, Snooki, and the Situation do not live there.)You must understand that growing up in a certain area, you get used to the way things are. When you have relatives, and therefore ancestors that have been raised in a certain area, you  learn to accept the way things are.You have to admit these are some pretty strange, odd, and  weird names. As far as names go, some of these Pennsylvania town names are pretty cool then also as are:Hershey, Pennsylvania. I for one want to go to Hershey Pa, and buy and eat as many chocolate yummies as I possibly can.
Besides what's really wrong with naming a town after one of the best activities to engage in---Intercourse Pennsylvania?
Okay, here they are, strange Pennsylvania town names:
Big Beaver
Bird in Hand
Blue Ball
Corner Store, I think we drove through this town at one time, and laughed out loud at the sign stating the town name.
Drab----Finally, a truthful Pennsylvania resident named a town for what it really is.
Fear Not
Home---that's pretty simple, and this town was probably named when early settlers, pulled up in a horse drawn buggy, and tiredly declared, "Finally, we are home."
Jersey Shore, after reading this town's information, Jersey Shore Pa, was actually named after New Jersey. And because the river that runs through this small town, is located with the river being on the Jersey Shore side of town.
King of Prussia
Loyalsock---Drove to and through this town several times, and we love this name.
Moon Run
New Beaver
Red Lion
Almost forgot this town's name, Taylor Swift grew up here here, and was bullied by classmates, in
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. HAH! Who's laughing now, Wyomissing nasty people!!
That's all I've got for now. There are plenty of strange sounding town names, these just happen to be located in Pennsylvania. Copyright 2011 (c), written by Kate Johns a professional writer who has been freelance writing since 2004.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What women over 50 should never wear

A Facebook friend of mine had a recent article on Yahoo News concerning what people over 50 should never wear. Even with 50 being the new 40, there are tops, dresses, shoes, bathing suits older women should never wear.

Used to be there were rules about what clothing  people should wear, and what they shouldn't wear, such as you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, and you weren't supposed to wear black to a wedding.

Well, guess what all of those rules have been thrown to the wind.

But, I couldn't help myself after seeing so many women over the age of 50 lately dressing like they are trying desperately to look like they are 25 again. Give it up, already! Dress your age. If you have a great body and look great in nearly everything, then I say go for it! But, please if you do not have the body of a 25 year old, ladies, please do not dress like one.

Here are the items a woman 50 years of age and over should, oh please, not wear:

1. Halter tops. Especially without a bra----can you say sagging nightmare, gross, vile, disgusting, If you have to wear a halter top women over 50, please wear a bra.

2.Bikini bathing suit. When you have had several children, have stretch marks, and you also have fat situated around your mid-section, please do not wear a bikini. It doesn't matter what age you are, bikinis do not look good on an overweight, older woman. Besides, all of the people going "Yuck", as you wander by, noone wants to see anyone's fat.

3.Short shorts. Okay, short shorts look great, usually on young girls, not on older women who have sagging thighs and butts. It looks gross to expose older skin to the world that has cellulite, fat, and is sagging. Besides, when clothing is sold in the Juniors department, there's usually a really good reason for this.

4.Super short dresses with Ho heels. Nothing says, "Gag me with a spoon" than an older woman walking through a room especially when her younger daughter has gotten married, and here comes the bride's mom strutting through the reception wearing a super short dress, wearing seriously high heels,  thinking she looks HOT. Please, let younger women be stared at, not you for all the wrong reasons.

5. See through tops. This is not for an older woman who has fat centered around her waist, or when she has sagging breasts. Ladies, this is a huge no-no! Please do not wear a see-through shirt, top, crop-top, or camisole in a public place, even if it is 105 degrees outside. Leave see-through garments to turn on your guy at home.

6.Sleeveless tops are not what a woman should wear when her arms are saying "Hello", when she waves in a crowded room. Please, ladies do not wear, sleeveless garments, unless you plan on leaving your arms at your sides for the evening.

7. Thong panties or thong bathing suits. Please do not wear this garment, girls with a super short skirt,or dress. Thong panties were made for the younger set, when paired with low rider jeans.

8. No panties. Please, ladies do not commit a Paris Hilton mistake by not wearing any panties. This may make headlines for an heiress, but you may make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Women over 50 need to look beautiful, becoming mentors for younger women who hopefully will look up to older women that look great. By the way, ladies remember to work out, and take care of the body you live in. Copyright (c) 2011---which means you are not allowed by law to steal, borrow, or take any of this information and use it to make money on your blog or another website!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Ways to Save Money on High gas Prices

Gas prices are soaring. Seems every time oil prices go up, the next day people see prices at the pump climb at a seriously fast rate. While the prices may climb five to ten cents at one time, they seem to slowly decline. What can you do about  seriously high gas prices? Besides, complaining and whining, and feeling like you are being hijacked at gunpoint by unscrupulous, amoral oil barons, you can save money at the pump.  Here are seven ways to save money on the high prices of gas:

1.Don't use your car.
Sounds strange doesn't it? You probably can't just stop using your car, because you have to get to work, go shopping for groceries and other items, but you can use your car less often. Get creative.
Stay home more often. Invite friends and relatives to your home for a barbecue, or a movie night, instead of going out.

2. Combine trips. When you are out running errands, coming home from work, combine necessary trips. Plan your trips for when you will driving in a certain direction, such as picking the kids up from school, and going grocery shopping directly after.

3.Carpool with friends, relatives, or co-workers. Instead of driving your car to work everyday, arrange to carpool with friends, or co-workers. You don't have to go out of your way either; pick up a worker you have prearranged to meet at a designated area. You can also park and ride. Many cities across America have designated park and ride areas. You drive to a parking lot, park your car, and hop on a bus,trolley or train riding for a certain fee close to your place of work.

4. Work from home/telecommuting. Arrange with your boss to work from home several days a week.Appeal to your boss selling your stay at home/telecommuting arrangement as a means for the company to save money. Your boss can save money on electricity, and or gas, while you work from home. It's a win-win situation; you save money on gas, and parking fees, while your employer saves money on electricity, gas, computers, etc.

5.Sell an extra car. Your family can save on major car expenses by selling an extra car. Just think of the possibilities; lower insurance payments, making money from the sale of a car, lower gas costs,and less money spent on car payments, and car maintenance.

6. Ride a bike instead of driving your car.  Ride a bike for as many miles as you can handle, in mild weather. Avoid riding your bike on bad weather days, like during a snowstorm. Ride your bike with a basket attached to the corner store, and to shorter distances such as the local library, meetings, etc. Just think----now you can save money on a gym membership as well!

7.Take the bus instead of driving the car to work, or school. Buy a bus pass, instead of plunking change into the meter everyday. While riding on the bus or train,get work accomplished by sending text messages, or take a short nap. You will save money on gas, car maintenance, parking fees, etc.

These are just seven ways to fight high gas prices. Maybe you have already come up some ideas of your own.  Copyright 2010, (c), written by professional author, Kate Johns.