Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day is Overcommercialized

Just when you thought it was safe to settle down in a dreary winter existence of working, and staying home cuddling under numerous blankets, along come the ads beckoning you to spend more money. Didn't we just end the money spending fervor, called Christmas?

Now we are brought to the brink of insanity with retailers forcing Valentine's Day down our throats.
Obviously they are trying desperately to make money. But do we have to run out to stores or order online expensive jewelry for our female soul mates? Does she really deserve to have another diamond ring foist upon her?

The ads start every year at least a month before February 14, with numerous jewelery ads showing expensive necklaces, rings and earrings. TV ads, online ads, newspaper ads showcasing pricey items filled our heads like those sugarplums of Christmas past.

All I want to know is when did Valentine's Day become all about buying expensive jewelry for the woman in your life? My husband has never bought me an expensive item for V-day. And when I told him that, he got huffy with me.

Pro flowers ads have sprung up on the Internet so much so, that I now hate and don't ever want to see another red rose. Big box stores are in on the game:
Kmart even is hawking jewelry. Last year, I remember getting numerous Walmart ads decorated with everything red for your sweetie, including stuffed animals, and candy hearts. By the way---Where's Victoria's Secret in the melay?

Next, major retailers will be counting down to Valentine's day. They will force us to buy a Valentine's tree complete with red, pink and white ornaments. Do you really need another mug laden with red,and pink hearts?
Enough already!!

I say we go back to the days when Valentine's day was not over-commercialized, and forced down our throats. We are making single people feel like crap! Stop bludgeoning us over the hearts with candy, lacy red teddies, and expensive presents!! Let's go back to celebrating Valentine's Day the way it was meant to be celebrated; between two people who love each other. Celebrate in your own way, whether that is staying home cuddling, or painting the town with pink, red and white hearts.

Before you know it, there will be Valentine's parades, and cupid for kids to ask for presents from. Do we really need to get everyone in the family V-day gifts? Do the kids need candy hearts, and new stuffed animals? Do we really have to have Valentine's parties for the kids? Do we really have to over do buying everyone at work heart candy, cakes, or doughnuts?

It's gotten to the point where it is expected that men run out and buy their sweetheart expensive presents for Valentine's Day. But you don't have to go into debt to satisfy your Sweetie! A good old fashioned romp in the hay will do the trick, Guys! Hint hint, and acting like a romance novel character will enhance the pleasure. copyright 2011, (c), written by professional author Kate Johns.