Saturday, March 24, 2012

How perfection in advertising affects women.written by Kate Johns

The dangers of fashion advertising in America are seen everyday. Just take a look in any popular magazine aimed at women or men. What do you see? A perfect looking man or woman, or teenager. They look gorgeous. And most people want to look just like these models.

Wouldn't you want to look like Kate Moss or Heidi Klum? Sure, I would love to look perfect, but we don't realize that to get that perfect look in magazines, the picture is touched up and re-touched, The models have been made up by make-up artists and hairstylists? The pictures and TV commercials are digitalized to take away the imperfections. Most of these models look great without the help.
But the danger comes for young girls, teenagers and even aging women, wanting to look like models. That's why so many girls and women want to be as thin as possible and leads some girls into Kate Johns anorexia, and bulimia. You can get very sick or die from being too thin. The dangers are that a lot of people think that those magazine ads are real, when they're not. Models work out a lot and eat hardly anything or do drugs to keep their weight down, or they eat the right foods and work out a lot. It's their job to look good. They spend money on looking great-like going to dermatologists, and having personal trainers and personal chefs.

Models get face lifts, tummy tucks, and boob jobs.We look at these ads and think wouldn't it be great to look like that. That's where the danger comes in with people who want abs of steel, and bigger breasts, and want to be waif thin. We get surgery, starve ourselves, and obsess in front of our mirrors thinking how fat we look. When in reality we look pretty good as we are, and that guy who we didn't think was looking at us out was and we just didn't know it.

We look at those ads and think she looks great so if I buy that product I'll look great too. And a beautiful new coat, and a big expensive vehicle will not make you look gorgeous , but you will feel better about yourself. And that's what advertising is selling us-a product that makes us feel good, if only for the moment. And some people totally buy into that and max out their credit cards and mortgage out their homes to look and feel beautiful. Relationships and marriages end because some people want so much plastic surgery they end up broke. 
So don't believe everything you see in magazines, and TV ads. Don't even think that those reality TV shows are real, or that those older women really look like they are 30, when they are really 50.Give me a break!Copyright 2012!!

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