Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Does money really bring Happiness

Does money really bring happiness? The person who came up with the old saying, "Money doesn't buy happiness, " must have been poor. I don't think I've ever heard a rich person complaining about having money. Can you see Donald Trump out at a cocktail party saying to other rich folk, like Paris Hilton "Yup, my wife and I are going to the Cayman Islands for a month, having money sucks."

So in other words, a person who had no money was trying to make himself and other non monied people feel better about being poor, by saying, "Money doesn't buy happiness."

If money doesn't buy happiness, then why are so many people trying to get more money? Why do women whore themselves, sleeping with men they don't know to attain this money thing? Why do  men chase after after those older women called cougars? Last I heard, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez were dating younger, more virile men, nearly half their age. Weren't these guys their backup dancers?

Money can't buy you good genes, having you look great into middle age. Money can't buy you good genes ensuring you grow into a healthy 90 year old. And money can't buy you ever lasting life. But money can make you feel better about yourself and your life---thus making you feel happier. Money can buy  Botox treatments, face lifts, plastic surgery to make you look younger, thus happier.
Money can buy vacations to warm tropical islands where someone massages your back, teaches you to dance, and serves you delicious foods.

Personally, this would make me feel a whole lot better about life!

When you think about driving a new expensive car loaded with all those extras like heat, air conditioning, Sirius Radio, reclining heated seats, and a remote car starter are just examples of how having money can make your life better, if not happier.

If money doesn't buy happiness, then why are so many people miserable since we've been in an economic recession for the past four years? Why are so many people working two and three jobs, if they are well off?

Whoever created the saying, "Money doesn't buy happiness." must have been poor, and never experienced what having money can do to make you happier. COPYRIGHT(c) 2013!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's the worst breakfast you could possibly eat? by Kate Johns

What is the worst breakfast you could ever possibly eat? It's been said for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Usually, most people do not have the time or the energy to make a six course breakfast every morning, ensuring they have a great day. Retirees, or millionaire lottery winners have the time and the money to make an awesome breakfast every morning.

For most people, you are lucky to drive through a fast food place before work starts, grabbing an on the go cup of Joe and a greasy fast food grossness making you heartburn bound two hours later.
What was the worst thing you ever ate and drank for breakfast?

Here are five of perhaps the worst breakfasts you can eat, or drink:

1. Nothing. That's possibly the worst thing you can do in the morning is not eat anything. Especially when you are female, pregnant and you are running late for work, eating nothing. this is especially really bad to do when you are pregnant, because you will end up starved two hours later.

2. Pepsi and two Tums antacids. Did you go out and drink to much last night? then you might be looking for the Tylenol, tums and a glass of water right now. Copyright 2013

3. How's this for a delicious, nutritious, heartburn churning good time---a piece of cake and a Pepsi before running out the door to drive 30 minutes to work? YUM! Nothing says nutrition like a piece of chocolate cake at 7 a.m.

4. A slice of pizza, and an attempt at balancing things out with a large glass of orange juice. Left over hot wings from the night before, and a can of Pepsi, perhaps? Ten juicy,  suicide wings would totally complete this morning breakfast!

5. Ever try this one? How about having a taco or two and a coke or Pepsi for breakfast? You can actually make this a healthy meal by cooking a taco with healthier options by replacing the hamburger with a healthier lean turkey breast, or replace any meat with good tasting vegetables and fruit. You can even put ranch dressing on lettuce, and tomatoes, and  throw in some cooked bacon for a hearty, tasty breakfast.

These breakfasts are the absolute worst semi food items you can eat for breakfast!COPYRIGHT 2012!!