Thursday, March 29, 2012

How exercise can improve self esteem

Did you know that exercising regularly will improve your self esteem? After exercising for the first couple of times, you will of course feel tired, and hungry. When you get into a regular exercise routine, you will most probably notice something happening. You will be getting into great shape physically, mentally and emotionally. You will start feeling healthy, stronger, and possibly even younger.
Exercise improves not only your body shape, helps you to lose weight, but exercise builds self esteem. Maybe that's why those athletes in high school were so popular? Why does exercise improve self esteem?


After exercising for a long period of time, you will notice something, you will look better. Your self esteem will shoot into the stratosphere. You will be losing weight,and you will be gaining muscle. Due to losing weight, and looking better, your self esteem gets higher.You will want to buy new clothing, eat healthier foods and show off your new body.You may even feel like strutting your stuff instead of staying home eating fattening foods while watching TV. It just goes to say that when you look good you feel good.


Another reason why exercise can improve your self esteem is you will feel better about yourself. Not only will you be losing weight, firming and toning your body, but you will be improving your mental outlook.Your emotional and mental outlook on life will improve just by working out! These are more reasons to work out.You will feel mentally happier and you will feel physically better about your body. You may even feel so healthy that you become healthier. What exactly does that mean? You will be physically building up your body, improving your resistance to sickness, illness, disease, and those nasty germs sailing around at work, school, even in your very own home.


Exercise also improves self esteem because you feel like you are a part of something.When an avid exerciser works out in a group situation, such as working out in a yoga class,a person can make new friends.When kids exercise in a group such as playing on a sports team this builds confidence, because the kids are participating in an activity. The kids are learning new skills and they are building skills they can use in any situation, and will use later on in competitive jobs. Adults will gain more self esteem by being part of group, making new friends, and possibly making new business contacts. Kids and adults learn how to work together, becoming part of a team. Teamwork is an important aspect in just about every job.

Exercise can improve self esteem because you will be sending positive hormones sailing through your body. You will feel more in control of your life, because you are taking positive action.Self esteem is the cornerstone to a wonderful life. Just think you will be standing up straighter and feeling better while building your self esteem. Another reason to do that work out today! Copyright 2012, (c).

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