Monday, March 17, 2014

Add This Meal to My Tab: Why I started!

I started telling a story on January 1 of 2014 about the beginning of my new life. I decided to take control of my life, and not allow anyone else to control my life. Well, really I am doing as much as I can with the limited time and resources I have. Basically I stopped writing for places called content mills that want people to write as many posts, articles as possible. It's too time consuming for me to do this anymore, and it was hardly any money. 

It's a sad state of affairs when people the world over get paid hardly anything, and 'publishers' take advantage of people telling them that we all can work for free, but they put in such a nice way. "Oh we can't pay you, but you will get the writing credit to add to your resume."
From now on , I'll just tell the utility companies, that they can add my account to their resume.
How's long do you think that would last? "Oh by the way, Waitress, here's my card, add that to your resume."

That's why I decided to really work for myself; to take hold of the reins and do what I should have done years ago. I started my freelance writing business. I decided not to work for free, or next to free anymore. I decided to do what I always wanted to do---write.

Currently, I have 5 blogs, one of which you are reading right now, and two websites: one is Moms are more than just their kids. It's a place for moms to go to relax, destress, enjoy life, read book reviews, movie and TV reviews, and have some much needed mom time!
So head over to or just click this Heat movie review to begin enjoying life: