Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Confessions of a Smart Mom: Refusing to Buy New Cellphone

I confess. I own a six year old cellphone. I have not updated and bought a new iPhone, dolling out tons of money for a phone that is like everyone else's. I can't say I'm a snob, or that I am an electronics snob. I just do not want to pay what can be a lot of money to buy something that will need to be updated in another year. I do not want to buy yet another new phone, that I have to figure out how to use. We tried to buy a new phone  last year, and the salespeople did not have a clue as to what we were talking about. My hubby said, "The deals shown in ads on TV and in magazines? Come on you have to know what I'm talking about." I felt like I was at a new car dealership and they were trying o sell me the extended warranty.

Confessions of a Mom who is keeping her old cellphone:

1. Costs too much money to buy a new phone. Felt like I was getting dental surgery when I went to the Verizon store to just look at new phones.
2. The monthly costs are too high. My hubby and I have been asking  friends questions discovering that many families of four are paying between 200 to 300 dollars for their monthly cellphone plans. In other words they are paying that much money for the Internet.
3. The Internet should be free, not a we have to pay more money for another service. Why should we pay for what they get for free in other countries? Sure who really wants to live in Denmark, but isn't it time we deserve to get something for free instead of paying some billion dollar business like Verizon or Sprint more money?
4. I'm comfortable with my small cellphone.  I love how small it is, how it has sand and cookie crumbs in it's small keyboard.
5. I'm not paying tons of money every month for the Internet.
6. My cellphone is small enough to fit in my pocket---even a small side or back pocket.
7. I don't care if my cellphone is big, has a huge case, is super easy to use and has a large screen, and can take pictures easily  can't upload those pics onto any social media.
8. I don't need a status symbol of wealth. Nor do I need to show off my BIG cellphone to everyone that is the size of a shoe.
9. I don't want a cellphone that has 100 apps on it, supposedly making my life easier.
10. If I get a new expensive cellphone with an expensive monthly plan, then I'm going to have to get my teen a new expensive cellphone. UGH!

So no thanks, that shiny , new cellphone that has all the latest updates like showing the time in a bigger screen---mine has a one inch display screen, will have to wait. I don't need a new cellphone that is personalized by showing the current temperature, the date, has  numerous pics stored in it. I may even go totally retro and  buy a cellphone with an antenna that does not allow texting. Copyright (c) 2015!