Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My husband's Thanksgiving thankful list

A friend of mine has been writing Thanksgiving thankful messages on Facebook everyday, during the month of November. She originally started with many new insightful thankful for entries every day. Soon after I noticed many other friends of mine, especially on Facebook, were inspired into writing their burgeoning lists of what they are thankful for this year. Written by Kate Johns

After telling my husband that many people were creating thankful lists during the month of November, he started naming his completely different, humorous list of what he is thankful for.
Considering that he is very busy working his job, and hardly ever appears on Facebook, I told him I would write his Thanksgiving thankful list. My husband's list of what he is thankful for:

1. Chicken wings
2. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
3. Silicone breast implants
4. Beer
5. Donuts
6, Cheese
7. Glenn Beck
8. E Bay
9. Rush Limbaugh
10. Writers-----Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, Vince Flynn
11. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
12. Pulled pork
13  Utz pretzels
14. Heidi Klum

While I was writing this, I made the mistake of texting my hubby, who kept answering me every five minutes with more answers. Therefore, I'm stopping at 14, because now he's thinking of  
Victoria Secret model's names. Copyright (c), 2011, which means you are not to use, steal, or take any of the ideas, or written words on this blog without written permission by the author who is a professional writer---Kate Johns.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fire all the Penn State football coaches by Kate Johns

Fire all the football coaches at Penn State. Do you remember when you went to school,when one kid did something unintelligent, and the entire class was punished? Do you remember your teacher ever saying something along the lines of: Considering that John, (for example), is eating candy, he needs to share his candy with the entire class?

Considering that 84 year old Joe Paterno was fired for being the coach of the Penn State football team during the time Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach, then yes, I am making the bold, non-liberal, or perhaps it is liberally minded statement, that all of the Penn State coaches should be fired.
Doesn't it make sense to say that every coach who was gainfully employed at the time when Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach and when he was allegedly raping young boys; the coaches that are still working for Penn State should all be fired?

The new Interim Coach of Penn State's football team is Tom Bradley, who worked under Joe Paterno, for thirty years, as did several other coaches still employed by Penn State. While understanding the need to have a coach to finish out the football season, Penn State needed to place a person in the job of coach. But, why would you replace one person who knew what was going on with another person that may have known what was going on? For all any of us know, the entire football coaching staff and several or all of the school personnel,(professors, esteemed vice presidents, etc) all may have known what horrible things were going on.

Therefore the entire coaching staff should be fired as soon as the season is officially over. New staff should be hired with a criminal assessment record completed during the recruitment process.

What I am seeing is Joe Paterno is taking the fall for his inaction, although he did tell his boss, and now  from what I've heard campus police who did not take action. The president of Penn
State did not take action either, and we probably will never know if he knew what was going on or not.

But my main point is all of the coaches who were working at the time Jerry Sandusky was allegedly raping young boys , and the coaches still  employed at Penn State should all be fired. They may know too much. The new current coach is just as responsible for taking corrective action against Sandusky as Joe Paterno was. So too are all the coaches on the staff who knew what was going on. Isn't it said, that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Jerry Sandusky was never fired from his job as assistant coach, he was forced to retire, but was still allowed access to the college. In all fairness, Sandusky should have been fired, unless Penn State was just trying to sweep this mess under the rug, as should be all of the other coaches employed at the time Sandusky was committing his crimes. If one person is responsible for another person's actions, by not firing Sandusky, then the entire coaching staff should be held responsible, as well.

Three months after Coach Paterno's firing, Paterno died, and all of Penn State's-- State College coaches were indeed fired. Meanwhile Jerry Sandusky is on trial for raping numerous young boys. Currently he is not allowed to even see his grand kids.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving: Creating a I am thankful for list by Kate Johns

After seeing a friend of mine, her daily Facebook posts of what she is thankful for in her life, I thought, I don't have a family like that, so I guess I don't have anything to be grateful for. My friend is telling all of her Facebook friends, and her family that she is thankful for different things every day of November. I tried  doing a thankful for list last year, but ran out of things to fill up the entire month of November.
My friend said she is grateful for her two brothers, her husband, her two sisters in law, and she told everyone why she is grateful for having these people in her life.Written by Kate Johns

After seeing my friend's Thanksgiving thankful for posts on Facebook everyday, I have to say, I felt she is so lucky to have such a wonderful, giving, loving family. Then, I felt kind of depressed because I never had the experience of having a big family, with terrific sisters in law.

Thinking of a thankful  list, will make you feel , simply put, more thankful, and grateful. You will feel happier about your life. You will be placed into a better frame of mind to handle whatever lies ahead for you. If you are unemployed, depressed, or estranged from family or friends, think of all the good things you have in your life, and each day will feel better.You will enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas once you are in a better state of mind.

Here's my I am thankful for list for 2011:

1. My husband---he's my source of strength. Generally he is a great guy.
2. My two kids
3. My Mom
4. My Dad---who died 19 years ago, but I still love and miss him.
5. My Brother, who died two years ago, but despite his problems always had a natural happiness about him.
6. Being alive
7. Every new day
8. Being able to appreciate every day.
9. Speaking of appreciating every day----bright, sunny, blue sky kind of days
10. Summertime
11. My mother and father in law.
12. Love of writing.
13. Nature's beautiful splendor
14. Music---all kinds, not just one in particular.
15. Old friends
16. New experiences
17. The Internet
18. Being able to walk again.
19. A beautiful, pinkish, purplish sunset.
20. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child.
21. Hugs
22. My son's awesome sense of humor.
23. My son's girlfriend.

By the way, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods, try creating a thankful for list anyways. It will make you feel better about your life, even helping you to de-stress. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Copyright 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twelve New Reality TV Shows

When my husband nodded off the other night at nine, I was allowed the freedom to watch what I wanted on TV.  Oh joy, of joys. Do you know what this meant? This meant I could watch what I Kate Johns wanted on TV. Searching through the numerous cable channels, I found many new reality TV shows. What I should have done was climbed the stairs getting a  book to read , instead of watching three reality TV shows at once.

Considering that my husband watches super dull reality TV shows, or a detective thriller, which usually bores me into finding something else to do, I realized that I had control of the TV remote, and I could freely use it. So, I channel surfed for two hours, not really finding anything worth watching, but I did discover twelve new reality TV shows, on my night of TV freedom. Kate Johns

Here are twelve reality TV shows adding to my biggest reality TV show list:

1. Amazing Race 19
2. American Guns
3. American Hoggers 
4. Bomb Patrol Afghanistan
5. Bordertown Laredo
6. Gold Rush
7. Hillbilly Handfishin'
8. Flying Wild Alaska
9.   Monster in Laws
10. Project Accessory
11. Swamp People
12. Why Am I Still Single?

There you have it, twelve new reality TV shows, with one being older due to it being called Amazing Race 19. But next season, it will probably be called amazing Race 20----which will be another new show.Copyright 2011---this means you can't use this information for any purpose without my express written consent!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grossest Hoarders yet; Man lives in cat poop and cat piss! by Kate Johns

Did anyone catch Hoarders on Halloween evening?It was on at nine, after trick or treating. It was the grossest one yet. I didn't think Hoarders could get any grosser. It was so disgusting, I had to leap across the room, grab the remote and switch it off. In fact, I turned off the TV, and got ready for an early bedtime.

This episode of  Hoarders was so gross, I'm rating it a 20 out of 10. A man, (Didn't get his name, too grossed out), was living with so many cats, they could not all be counted. This desperately mentally ill man, (calling him the Cat Hoarder), was living in cat urine, and cat feces. The urine and cat poop was mixed together in his house, combining to make a horrifyingly gross mixture of utter revulsion. I'm getting  chills up and down my spine right now as I reflect on this show. His house was so bad, the cat urine was eating away the house walls. It was so horrid, even the cats were stepping gingerly through the liquid-mess.

The cats were walking through this horrid mess, (thank God we don't have smell-o-vision). The cats  had been strays Hoarders man grabbed off the streets, were sickly, skinny, dirty, smelly,  and flea infested. In other words, the Cat Hoarder who thought he was helping stray cats was doing them more harm by taking them into his house. His friends, authorities and therapist, were finding dead, squished cats all over the house. My thought was how does a person sleep in a house like this, let alone eat, walk through, sit, or breathe?

It was so bad, the health department, and the SPCA were at his front door trying to declare it the third ring of hell!

I don't know if they declared the house another Love Canal health disaster, but public officials should have dragged the Cat Hoarder out of the house, bulldozing the house left behind. Like I said, I didn't watch the entire Hoarders episode, because I was too grossed out. Which leaves one wondering, how do other human beings get to be this mentally ill? What awful things happened to these poor Hoarders leaving them wounded souls, that they turn to hoarding as a method of making themselves feel better?