Monday, September 17, 2012

Ten Simple, Common Sense Rules of Life

With stardom comes a certain price tag. Stars are seen by numerous fans and non fans wherever they go. If they appear intoxicated, and half naked in a public place, then people will take pictures and talk about them.
 When Prince Harry took off all of his clothes at a party in his room, he had to know people would take pictures, and he'd get negative publicity. Kate Middleton had to know she would be photographed topless with her husband when she was on vacation at a more private home.
It only goes to say that stars who want their careers to last for a long time, act with class, and keep a down to earth approach to life, as Jennifer Aniston has. Members of the Royal Family must adhere to a certain code of conduct. Have we ever seen Queen Elizabeth getting drunk at a royal outing, spewing obscenities at everyone she sees? No----she was raised as a princess is raised, not exposing her breasts for the world to see.

Here are ten common sense, simple rules of life:

1.If you don't want to be photographed topless or naked while outside, or in your hotel room, keep your clothes on.

2.If you want a job, then go get one.

3. If you don't want to be known as a Ho, then don't act like one.

4. If you want to be your own boss, then start your own business.

5.Don't say anything on Social media that you would say to a person face to face. This will save you from arguments, fighting, and hate mail when you say positive, upbeat things on facebook. Or stick to talking about neutral topics like the weather!

6. Keep your shirt on.

7. Never eat Italian food at a family restaurant.

8. Don't play golf when it is lightning outside.

9. Don't spit into the wind.

10. Always cross with traffic.

Pretty straight forward, simple and easy to remember, these ten rules of life will get you through just about any scenario. And if you don't want to be known as a Ho, these rules will help you obtain a decent lifestyle, where your breasts do not make front page news. Unless of course, you want your breasts appearing as front page news. COPYRIGHT 2012!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Story of Political Intolerance Sweeping Through America by Kate Johns

Radio talk show host, Glenn Beck mentioned on his Tuesday talk show that he was poorly treated by an American Airlines steward, and  restaurant staff, In New York City. He and his family left New York City, with his wife saying, "I will never go back to New York again."
I thought  political intolerance was a new thing, when I realized I was wrong. Americans have been shouting each other down, telling each other who to vote for, and how we should think for many years now.
It all started very quietly in the late 1970's, with people being told to give new, longer names for other people, groups, jobs, etc. This was the start of the politically correct movement.
But the real story I wanted to tell you, was something that happened to my baby and I, while I was giving birth that I can completely sympathize with Glenn Beck.

My husband was a political talk show host in a mid-sized, run-down American city in the Northeast for 10 years. He was doing a Conservative political talk show, in a Democratic town where either people agreed strongly with or they argued vehemently against.

When I was giving birth to our second child, my husband took our eldest child to a friend's home while we waited for my husband's parents to drive two hours to our city. The nurse marched into my room, said in rude tone of voice, "The doctor will be here, shortly."
Then as she told me to sit forward, she shoved a pillow behind my back, knocking me forward. She then said, in a nasty voice, "Is your husband the one on the radio?" I said, "Yes." She answered with, "Oh, I hate him." He says the rudest things." With that she gave me a dirty look, and walked out of the room.
I sat there as my mouth dropped open, stunned that anyone could be that rude, and yes, ignorant.
Outside in the hall, I heard the same nurse yell to what I could only guess to be another nurse, "That's Mrs Johns. You know that radio talk show host's wife. She's giving birth to that Asshole's baby!"
At this point I was looking for a way to get out of this hospital. I figured, I didn't have  a car, but might be able to catch a bus home. And it was way too sketchy a situation to stay where I was waiting for my husband---the supposed "Asshole."

When my husband was gone for what felt like two days, my heartbeat, and my blood pressure went up. He was probably gone for about 90 minutes. The doctor showed up two hours later. And I was left alone in this hospital room for the entire time. None of the ever so professional nurses came to check on me. No one looked at the monitors. No one asked if I was okay. It was just me and the baby inside me.
Finally my husband came back. I asked how our son was, and he said. "He seemed happy to be out of this place." I told him what happened, as the Nasty Nurse finally came to check on me.
She gave my husband a dirty look. I hurriedly asked when I would get that pain shot I asked for two hours earlier. She said, "We are waiting for the doctor to get here."
I whispered to  my husband, "See, they hate you, so now they hate me. She's going to let me suffer, as my body was hit with a wave of contractions,striking my back, and my sides.
I was in major pain. I told my husband to get my coat, and shoes, that I was going home.
That's when the doctor walked in.
She arrived with a reassuring smile, and asked, "How are you doing, Mrs. Johns?"
I said, "I've been better." I added, "The nurse never gave me anything for the pain, and she has been very rude."
My doctor said, "Oh she has, has she? She never gave you your painkiller? I okayed it two hours ago."