Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bear living in New Jersey Man's Basement: How did that happen? by Kate Johns

My husband sent me a story the other day of how a bear was hibernating in a New Jersey man's basement.
Here's a snippet of the story: The 550-pound bear that was found hiding out in a New Jersey basement had been living there for weeks.
Frank Annacone, 85, never imagined that a bear would move in with him.
“I could have ended up lunch for that big guy,” he said, still expressing disbelief.
Annacone learned about his roommate yesterday from Dave Cornine, a cable technician who had come over for a repair job in the basement.
“I heard the growl, I thought what is that noise,” Cornine said.
Cornine turned around and saw an enormous black bear waking up in the corner. He didn’t stick around to make friends with  the bear.
“I just freaked out, threw my tools, ran out of the basement,” he said.
When Animal Control officers attempted to trap the bear he took off, leading them on an hour-long chase.
After reading this story, I had many questions: how can anyone not notice a bear living in the basement? What kind of basement did this man have, that the bear could just walk in?
How could you not hear a bear making noise in your basement? All I can figure is this 85 year old man, was hard of hearing. He must have a basement that leads to the outdoors, or has a very large, loose door leading to the outside. Either that or Frank is this side of senile, and needs to live somewhere a tad bit safer, because if a bear can get into his house, just imagine who or what else can LIVE in his basement----rent free, without his knowledge.
My last question; does Frank ever go downstairs?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mixed-up Christmas Gifts

One Christmas I remember fondly when my older family members were still alive, and my relatives were still talking to one another was the mixed up Christmas gifts story. My Grandmother and I gave the wrong gifts to other family members.

The mixed up Christmas gift story goes like this:

I was working a job in retail to make money before getting married to my longtime boyfriend. Usually the manager scheduled me to work Christmas Eve. But this year, he must have been feeling his tiny black heart, becoming bigger allowing me to leave two hours before closing time.

Leaving the store, I remembered that I still had several people to buy gifts for. I had not bought anything for my sister's husband or my brother's girlfriend. I figured it would be a nice thing to buy them each a gift.I searched the store high and low looking for a gift for each person. Not having much of a selection  in the clothing department, I selected a more expensive one of a kind ornament from Hallmark for my brother's girlfriend. Realizing that my brother's girlfriend was Jewish did not deter my purchase. I knew my brother and his girlfriend were living together and they put a tree in their apartment. I figured they could use this pretty ornament on their tree.
Moving to the front of the store, I looked through the cologne aisle, selecting a bottle of cologne for my brother in law.
My brother picked up our Grandmother and our Grandfather from their homes, on his way to my parents' home.

When it came time to open presents, my Grandmother who at this time was about 89, handed out similar looking boxes with the same ornamental wrapping paper she lovingly adorned each. All ten of us happy to be together family members opened our gifts. I ripped off the wrapping, opened the box finding nothing inside. As I sat there, kind of stunned, alternately thinking, Grandma doesn't love me anymore, to Grandma is getting forgetful in her old age, I was trying my best to not give away what I didn't get for Christmas. My brother yelled from across my parents large living room, "What'd you get Kate?"
Okay, so what was I supposed to do now? I was holding a box with nothing in it. My brother's girlfriend sat there stunned looking at her ornament acting like it was a hot pan about to light up in her hands. My brother in law, started laughing because he had opened his gift, and as he showed us the gift I gave him, it was aftershave, not cologne. He yanked on his beard, saying "Thanks Kate, but I'm keeping it for awhile."
I apologized saying, I haven't seen you for a year, and my sister never mentioned you had grown a beard."
My brother started laughing very loudly and showed everyone what he got from our Grandmother, he had three black socks in his box, while my brother in law's from my Grandmother had only one black sock.
We all started laughing loudly, and my brother threw Ken his other sock making a matching pair.
At dinner my still red faced Grandmother said, she must have left my gift at home. I told it was okay, that it didn't matter, we all forget things from time to time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Four Really strange, but true news stories

Has the world gone completely and utterly nuts in the last couple of days?
Here are four really strange, but true news stories:

1. The lady making meth at a Walmart store. When I saw this one on TV, I could not believe it. A woman was spotted on surveillance cameras six hours after she had been making methampethamine at a Walmart store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What had me perplexed was why didn't anyone notice a person opening drug packages at Walmart, standing in a store aisle for six hours, mixing drugs together? That is sad, that no one noticed this happening. Store personnel did not notice what was going on. Customers did not notice anything out of the ordinary either? Where exactly could this woman set up her drug making shop? Did she grab what she needed on a shelf, sit down in a Walmart store  chair, and start mixing meth?

2.Another incredibly strange story that happened over the weekend, was this one in Pennsylvania. Seems that one guy wanted time off from work so badly, he faked his Mom's death. This guy faked her death , including faking an obituary so he could get some time off from work, for Christmas.(Maybe his boss is Ebeneezer Scrooge.) His mom found out, and walked into the newspaper office, telling the owner to cut it out. She told him she was very much alive. Thinking someone isn't getting any presents from Santa this year!

3. A 94 year old woman left 13 million dollars to her cat. Before she died in December of 2011, in Italy, Maria Assunta told her assistant she was a very lonely old woman. She was so lonely in fact, she scooped a stray cat from the streets of Italy, making Tommasso her soon to be wealthy kitty. Having noone else to give the money to, Assunta left her money to Tommasso making certain her assistant takes care of the cat for the rest of it's life.

This kitty is only one of several lucky pets who became millionaires due to their elderly owners leaving them entire estates due to having no relatives or long lost relatives. The richest pet currently is Gunther IV a German Shepard who was left 372 million dollars by his eccentric, German  Countess several years ago.

4.Strange news stories continue with total strangers paying off K-mart lay aways for other people because they want other people to have a Merry Christmas. When one lady tried doing this in Target, saying, "Pay it forward, " she was thrown out of Target and Walmart due to store employees thinking she was nuts. Oh well, K-mart customers benefited instead! Copyright (c), 2011, written by professional author Kate Johns.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My husband's Thanksgiving thankful list

A friend of mine has been writing Thanksgiving thankful messages on Facebook everyday, during the month of November. She originally started with many new insightful thankful for entries every day. Soon after I noticed many other friends of mine, especially on Facebook, were inspired into writing their burgeoning lists of what they are thankful for this year. Written by Kate Johns

After telling my husband that many people were creating thankful lists during the month of November, he started naming his completely different, humorous list of what he is thankful for.
Considering that he is very busy working his job, and hardly ever appears on Facebook, I told him I would write his Thanksgiving thankful list. My husband's list of what he is thankful for:

1. Chicken wings
2. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
3. Silicone breast implants
4. Beer
5. Donuts
6, Cheese
7. Glenn Beck
8. E Bay
9. Rush Limbaugh
10. Writers-----Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, Vince Flynn
11. Five Guys Burgers and Fries
12. Pulled pork
13  Utz pretzels
14. Heidi Klum

While I was writing this, I made the mistake of texting my hubby, who kept answering me every five minutes with more answers. Therefore, I'm stopping at 14, because now he's thinking of  
Victoria Secret model's names. Copyright (c), 2011, which means you are not to use, steal, or take any of the ideas, or written words on this blog without written permission by the author who is a professional writer---Kate Johns.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fire all the Penn State football coaches by Kate Johns

Fire all the football coaches at Penn State. Do you remember when you went to school,when one kid did something unintelligent, and the entire class was punished? Do you remember your teacher ever saying something along the lines of: Considering that John, (for example), is eating candy, he needs to share his candy with the entire class?

Considering that 84 year old Joe Paterno was fired for being the coach of the Penn State football team during the time Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach, then yes, I am making the bold, non-liberal, or perhaps it is liberally minded statement, that all of the Penn State coaches should be fired.
Doesn't it make sense to say that every coach who was gainfully employed at the time when Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach and when he was allegedly raping young boys; the coaches that are still working for Penn State should all be fired?

The new Interim Coach of Penn State's football team is Tom Bradley, who worked under Joe Paterno, for thirty years, as did several other coaches still employed by Penn State. While understanding the need to have a coach to finish out the football season, Penn State needed to place a person in the job of coach. But, why would you replace one person who knew what was going on with another person that may have known what was going on? For all any of us know, the entire football coaching staff and several or all of the school personnel,(professors, esteemed vice presidents, etc) all may have known what horrible things were going on.

Therefore the entire coaching staff should be fired as soon as the season is officially over. New staff should be hired with a criminal assessment record completed during the recruitment process.

What I am seeing is Joe Paterno is taking the fall for his inaction, although he did tell his boss, and now  from what I've heard campus police who did not take action. The president of Penn
State did not take action either, and we probably will never know if he knew what was going on or not.

But my main point is all of the coaches who were working at the time Jerry Sandusky was allegedly raping young boys , and the coaches still  employed at Penn State should all be fired. They may know too much. The new current coach is just as responsible for taking corrective action against Sandusky as Joe Paterno was. So too are all the coaches on the staff who knew what was going on. Isn't it said, that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Jerry Sandusky was never fired from his job as assistant coach, he was forced to retire, but was still allowed access to the college. In all fairness, Sandusky should have been fired, unless Penn State was just trying to sweep this mess under the rug, as should be all of the other coaches employed at the time Sandusky was committing his crimes. If one person is responsible for another person's actions, by not firing Sandusky, then the entire coaching staff should be held responsible, as well.

Three months after Coach Paterno's firing, Paterno died, and all of Penn State's-- State College coaches were indeed fired. Meanwhile Jerry Sandusky is on trial for raping numerous young boys. Currently he is not allowed to even see his grand kids.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving: Creating a I am thankful for list by Kate Johns

After seeing a friend of mine, her daily Facebook posts of what she is thankful for in her life, I thought, I don't have a family like that, so I guess I don't have anything to be grateful for. My friend is telling all of her Facebook friends, and her family that she is thankful for different things every day of November. I tried  doing a thankful for list last year, but ran out of things to fill up the entire month of November.
My friend said she is grateful for her two brothers, her husband, her two sisters in law, and she told everyone why she is grateful for having these people in her life.Written by Kate Johns

After seeing my friend's Thanksgiving thankful for posts on Facebook everyday, I have to say, I felt she is so lucky to have such a wonderful, giving, loving family. Then, I felt kind of depressed because I never had the experience of having a big family, with terrific sisters in law.

Thinking of a thankful  list, will make you feel , simply put, more thankful, and grateful. You will feel happier about your life. You will be placed into a better frame of mind to handle whatever lies ahead for you. If you are unemployed, depressed, or estranged from family or friends, think of all the good things you have in your life, and each day will feel better.You will enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas once you are in a better state of mind.

Here's my I am thankful for list for 2011:

1. My husband---he's my source of strength. Generally he is a great guy.
2. My two kids
3. My Mom
4. My Dad---who died 19 years ago, but I still love and miss him.
5. My Brother, who died two years ago, but despite his problems always had a natural happiness about him.
6. Being alive
7. Every new day
8. Being able to appreciate every day.
9. Speaking of appreciating every day----bright, sunny, blue sky kind of days
10. Summertime
11. My mother and father in law.
12. Love of writing.
13. Nature's beautiful splendor
14. Music---all kinds, not just one in particular.
15. Old friends
16. New experiences
17. The Internet
18. Being able to walk again.
19. A beautiful, pinkish, purplish sunset.
20. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child.
21. Hugs
22. My son's awesome sense of humor.
23. My son's girlfriend.

By the way, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods, try creating a thankful for list anyways. It will make you feel better about your life, even helping you to de-stress. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Copyright 2011.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twelve New Reality TV Shows

When my husband nodded off the other night at nine, I was allowed the freedom to watch what I wanted on TV.  Oh joy, of joys. Do you know what this meant? This meant I could watch what I Kate Johns wanted on TV. Searching through the numerous cable channels, I found many new reality TV shows. What I should have done was climbed the stairs getting a  book to read , instead of watching three reality TV shows at once.

Considering that my husband watches super dull reality TV shows, or a detective thriller, which usually bores me into finding something else to do, I realized that I had control of the TV remote, and I could freely use it. So, I channel surfed for two hours, not really finding anything worth watching, but I did discover twelve new reality TV shows, on my night of TV freedom. Kate Johns

Here are twelve reality TV shows adding to my biggest reality TV show list:

1. Amazing Race 19
2. American Guns
3. American Hoggers 
4. Bomb Patrol Afghanistan
5. Bordertown Laredo
6. Gold Rush
7. Hillbilly Handfishin'
8. Flying Wild Alaska
9.   Monster in Laws
10. Project Accessory
11. Swamp People
12. Why Am I Still Single?

There you have it, twelve new reality TV shows, with one being older due to it being called Amazing Race 19. But next season, it will probably be called amazing Race 20----which will be another new show.Copyright 2011---this means you can't use this information for any purpose without my express written consent!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grossest Hoarders yet; Man lives in cat poop and cat piss! by Kate Johns

Did anyone catch Hoarders on Halloween evening?It was on at nine, after trick or treating. It was the grossest one yet. I didn't think Hoarders could get any grosser. It was so disgusting, I had to leap across the room, grab the remote and switch it off. In fact, I turned off the TV, and got ready for an early bedtime.

This episode of  Hoarders was so gross, I'm rating it a 20 out of 10. A man, (Didn't get his name, too grossed out), was living with so many cats, they could not all be counted. This desperately mentally ill man, (calling him the Cat Hoarder), was living in cat urine, and cat feces. The urine and cat poop was mixed together in his house, combining to make a horrifyingly gross mixture of utter revulsion. I'm getting  chills up and down my spine right now as I reflect on this show. His house was so bad, the cat urine was eating away the house walls. It was so horrid, even the cats were stepping gingerly through the liquid-mess.

The cats were walking through this horrid mess, (thank God we don't have smell-o-vision). The cats  had been strays Hoarders man grabbed off the streets, were sickly, skinny, dirty, smelly,  and flea infested. In other words, the Cat Hoarder who thought he was helping stray cats was doing them more harm by taking them into his house. His friends, authorities and therapist, were finding dead, squished cats all over the house. My thought was how does a person sleep in a house like this, let alone eat, walk through, sit, or breathe?

It was so bad, the health department, and the SPCA were at his front door trying to declare it the third ring of hell!

I don't know if they declared the house another Love Canal health disaster, but public officials should have dragged the Cat Hoarder out of the house, bulldozing the house left behind. Like I said, I didn't watch the entire Hoarders episode, because I was too grossed out. Which leaves one wondering, how do other human beings get to be this mentally ill? What awful things happened to these poor Hoarders leaving them wounded souls, that they turn to hoarding as a method of making themselves feel better?

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

What happened to Thanksgiving? I guess it really should be; what happened to the celebration of Thanksgiving? It seems that Thanksgiving has become a no-brainer. Does that mean people aren't really thankful for having everything that they have in their lives anymore?

From what I've noticed over the years, retail stores are shoving Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day down our throats every year at an earlier, more alarming rate. Christmas is the biggest celebrated, and the most profitable holiday for major department stores. Halloween has become the next most profitable holiday, with Valentine's Day following in a close third. Did retailers completely miss Thanksgiving?

But what has happened to good old Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving has apparently been lost in the shuffle.

When you go to any major department store, such as Macy's, Walmart, Sears or K-mart, there really isn't anything Thanksgiving-like to buy. If you wanted to purchase Thanksgiving towels, candles, and a dinnerware set with a big fat Thanksgiving turkey emblazoned on them, you most probably could not.
On the other hand, if you wish to buy Christmas, Halloween, or Valentines anything with a Christmas tree on it, a goblin, or with hearts on it, you can. One shining example is Target stores, where everything you ever wanted for Valentine's Day is placed throughout the entire store.

Thanksgiving has been shoved into the background.

 The only thing I can figure is that Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's Day are celebrated by the entire world, thus allowing mass merchandisers, major retailers, and mom and pop stores the chance to make more holiday jingle. This means retailers do not stock their stores with a lot of Thanksgiving wares anymore, because the United States, and as far as I know Canada are the only countries celebrating this holiday.

It's also sad, because many millions of families are moving away from celebrating Thanksgiving in a more traditional manner. Families are spending their money on expensive trips to warmer locales, instead of teaching their children what the true meaning of Thanksgiving should really be.Copyright (c) 2011, written byfreelance author  Kate Johns

Friday, October 14, 2011

Perpuating the Myth of Santa Claus: Is he real or not? by Kate Johns

Finding out that there isn't a Santa Claus is like losing one's virginity.

It's a sad reality when a child finds out that the jolly man in the red suit with eight tiny reindeer really doesn't exist. And then for the child to realize that his parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents lied all those years. And there's really no explanation for perpetuating the myth that Santa Claus is real.

I found out in third grade. Before class started three boys were talking about what they wanted for Christmas. I listened to them talking for awhile, because I was the horribly shy kid. I enthusiastically chimed in saying that I had written a letter to Santa. Before I could tell them what I asked for, one boy said-and I'll never forget it-"You're kidding, you still believe in Santa Claus?" All three of these kids laughed at this.

My face was completely red with embarrasment. I wasn't going to let them get the better of me, so I stubbornly said, "Why what's wrong with that?" Leaning over the cute boy said, "There's no such thing as Santa." I sat there with my pencils in midair. All I could say was, "What?" One of the other kids said, "Don't tell me you still believe in Santa?" And then they all laughed again.

I was so shocked I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. I ran home from school still believing in Santa Claus. I ran into the kitchen where my Mom was starting dinner, and I asked, "Mom is Santa Claus real?" She looked at me and asked, "Who told you that?" I told her what happened at school.That's when she came over to me, bent down and said, "There is no such thing as Santa Claus."

I blurted out, "You're a liar." I ran up to my bedroom, and threw myself on the bed and cried.My older sister came into the bedroom. She asked, "What's your problem?" I told her that everyone was lying about there being a Santa Claus. She thought this was hilarious, and laughed away. She told me there was no Santa Claus and said,"Get over it." She left the room. My Mom came upstairs and explained to me that there is no Santa Claus. I asked a lot of questions. My mom said, "How could he fit through the chimney anyways?" I asked as I wiped away my tears, "Then who ate the cookies?" She said my father ate them, and that he was just like Santa because he had a great big belly. We both laughed.

When it came time to perpetuate the myth of Santa Claus again for our children, I told my husband that I wouldn't lie to our children. Then they wouldn't have to go through what we went through as kids. This is one of the many reasons I married this man. He said it's what you believe inside." The spirit of Christmas is what you have to give to others." And then he told me that he loved me, and we could believe in Christmas together. And then he said that we weren't lying to the kids we were making Christmas come alive for them.

I told him "You explain to them when they ask if Santa is real or not."

Real Life Hero Story: A story of True Courage

Most married women can not say this; my mother in law is my real life hero. In fact, I am quite sure many people will say the same thing about her. She is an incredibly remarkable woman. She came from a family that was poor, grew up during the depression, growing crops and raising chickens as their main supply of their food. She walked about six miles back and forth to school everyday, in shoes with holes in them.

What makes this woman a true hero? My mother in law is a hero in every sense of the word, because she gives of herself without complaining. My mother in law's sister, the oldest of the siblings, had cancer. They gave her radiation to combat the cancer that they found in her throat. She was in the hospital for a long time. My mother in law never once complained about her sister being sick. Never. She went to the hospital every day, and sat by her sister's bedside and talked to her and read to her. She was the driving force behind her sister's re-cooperation to better health. I could see the worry in her eyes, but she never said she was worried or talked about it as a problem.

When we thought my mother-in-law's sister was better, my mother-in-law was faced with a serious blow; she was diagnosed with yet another form of cancer. As I put my arms around my mother in law, I told her I would pray for her, and that I knew she would get better. I knew because she is a stubborn, strong fighter; she never gives up. As we sat there trying to face this horrific news, the next news shook us to the core. My father in law said that my mother in law's sister had cancer again, only this time they found it in her lung.

My mother in law did not complain, she even downplayed it, saying the cancer they found in her was very small. But it wasn't, the tumor they found in her was very large, which she told me several years later. She said we should not worry about her that we should instead turn our attention to her sister.

My mother in law had major surgery and weathered everything in only the way I knew she would, incredibly well. She was weak and tired for a while, but soon recovered her strength and was more concerned for her sister than for herself. As soon as she was able, she was back at her sister's home helping her, and doing everything she could for her.

My husband's aunt lived for several more years, attending several big events, while getting progressively worse. My mother in law did everything she could to help her sister, pretty much breathing life into her. I am quite sure that if she could have done more, she would have. You could actually see the worry on my mother in law's face, and I knew she was trying to figure out what she could do to keep her sister alive.

For her entire life my mother in law has been giving to other people. She gave clothing, gifts, and her time to people that she worked with at a major department store. And she would do so with a smile on her face and ask nothing in return. Today, she makes clothing and gifts for homeless children. She feeds those less fortunate than she is. She knows what it like to be poor, and doesn't want to see other people suffer.

The only other person in my life who I have found to be as strong and determined as my mother in law is her son, and that's why I married him.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Biggest List of Reality TV Shows for 2011

How many reality TV shows can you name off the top of your head? About 10 or 12 maybe? There are hundreds of reality TV shows showcasing their competitive nature and their inner immaturity in America alone.

Many of these reality TV shows are also shown in Canada, England, and Australia under different names or with that country's name in front of the title, such as Canada's Next Top Model. I came up with a current list of reality TV shows as of September 2011. By this time next year, half of these shows may be cancelled with a new roster of TV shows topping the list. The list I have created is long and varied, compiled by doing some good old fashioned research, and TV viewing. I did not include previously viewed reality TV shows, because then we would have to start in 1969 with a show about an American family shown on PBS.

Here is the BIGGEST list of reality TV shows:

Amazing Race
Holly's World (another one of Hugh Hefner's ex-bimbos.)
American Idol
The Voice
Mad Fashion
Rachel Zoe Project
Project Runway
Selling New York
Millionaire Matchmaker
19 Kids and Counting
Sister Wives
Kate Plus 8 (which was recently cancelled)
Celebrity Apprentice
The Edge With Peter Lik(on The weather Channel)
Storm Chasers
MTV's The Real World(which has been on since about 1992)
MTV's Jersey Shore
MTV's Cribs
Teen Mom
Hardcore Pawn
Pawn Stars
The Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, New York City, and Miami.
Extreme Couponing
Toddlers and Tiaras
Big Hair Alaska
Celebrity Rehab
Making the Band
Man vs. Wild
America's Next Top Model, with Australia's Next Top Model and Britain, and also Canada.
Confessions: Animal Hoarders
Extreme Hoarders
Extreme Makeover
Cake Boss
Dinner Impossible
Man versus Food
Hell's Kitchen
Worst Cooks in America
Top Chef
Iron Chef
The Great Food Truck Race
Big Brother
Blind Date
Born to Dance
Campus PD
Dog The Bounty Hunter
The Apprentice
The Bachelor
What Not To Wear
Picker Sisters
American Pickers
Boot Camp
Britain's Got Talent
Dirty Jobs
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Ice Road Truckers
Kitchen Nightmares
L.A. Ink
Miami Ink (However, L. A. Ink was cancelled this year.)
Top Chef
Tabatha:Salon Takeover
Sister Wives
Auction Hunters
Deadliest Catch
Say Yes to the Dress
Whale Wars
The Biggest Loser
Nanny 911
Super Nanny
Storage Wars
Kathy Griffin:My Life on the D-List
Keeping up With The Kardashians
Khloe and Lamar
The Great Race
Live to Dance
The Biggest Race
Auction Kings
Billy the Exterminator
America Haunts
Storage Hunters
Dancing With The Stars
Roseanne's Nuts(This show looks to have been cancelled after just two episodes.)
Ice Loves Coco

Personally, I'd like to see a Celebrity Hoarders TV show, or a Day in the Life series following real celebrities around for one day.Copyright 2011 (c), Written by Kate Johns. a professional author since selling her first greeting card saying in 2004.

Watching Sister Wives will Gross you out!

Was anyone as grossed out as I was while watching Sister Wives?
I was astonished, grossed out, and kind of curious as to how and why four women share one man.
Okay, first things first, here are the cast of players in a real life drama that is anything but boring:

Cody-----the husband of four women
Meri------The first wife of Cody, they have ond child together.
Jonelle----Is Cody's second wife. They have six children together.
Christine---Is Cody's third wife; until recently his last wife. She is kind of upset at being pushed aside for the new wife.
Robyn----Cody's fourth wife. She is the youngest, brings three kids to this huge freaky, relationship. Currently she is pregnant with Cody's 17 child.

Watching Sister Wives grossed me out.I found myself shaking my head, feeling like an old spinster sitting on her front porch watching a young couple making out on the front lawn.
If you have not watched Sister Wives yet, you have to watch this show to discover what it is like to be in a relationship with one man and four women.
I have to say, No, I don't feel sorry for Cody for having four wives, and 17 kids. He is the one who decided to marry four women after all. Yes, this is an alternative lifestyle. It's kind of like going back to the 1960's where men would have several girlfriends at once, as hippies lived an alternative lifestyle of having love-ins, doing drugs, living in a commune.

But, having multiple wives goes back farther than we are aware of with people of certain religious affiliations having as many wives as possible so that they can have as many kids as possible.
Men in other countries such as Kings have had several wives at once.

Does this make Cody a King? Not by any stretch of the imagination. My husband thinks he is crazy, calling Cody, "The poor moron."
After watching Sister Wives viewers will see how Cody runs from house to house as this extended family now lives in Las Vegas. You see in Sister Wives, Cody, his four wives and their numerous kids ran out of Utah due to Cody being a fugitive of the law.

Viewing Sister Wives will give you a look into multiple marriages, sharing, caring and in fighting between the wives. Cody on the other hand must be drinking tons of caffeinated beverages, taking steroids or doing illegal substances in order to stay awake long enough to father 17 kids, talk to, fight with, and have sex with four women.
Sister Wives is similar to watching a real life soap opera, is kind of interesting, and might make you feel lonely as you look around your home seeing that you only have two kids, not 17.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thirty things kids born today will never experience

Did you ever think what kids born today will never experience? Kids will never enjoy many things because these things are outdated, gone, or have been replaced by something else.There are many more, that if you are older than 20 you will be able to think of what things, kids born today may never do, experience, see, find, or hold in their hands, such as phones with cords on them that used to hang in a certain spot in the kitchen.

1. Typing on a regular typewriter, not a computer keyboard.Typing on a standard typewriter.
2,  Kids born today will probably never use a payphone, or even know what one is.
3. Using a regular household phone.
4. Playing outside with friends, or alone----outside.
5. Watching TV on a black and white TV.
6. Using the dictionary to look up words, instead of using spellcheck.
7. Mailing letters in a street corner mailbox.
8. Buying penny candy.
9. Going to the library to check books out. Instead today's kids use the Internet.
10.Watching family hour television, with your family.
11. Walking to the drugstore alone.
12. Using library card catalogues to find information.
13. Writing on chalkboards.
14. Cleaning chalkboard erasers.
15. Kids born today will not know what a 45 single was,what a 33 album was, or even what that means.
16. They will not experience buying an entire meal at Mc Donald's for under a dollar.
17. They probably never will shop at Sears, unless they want to buy a new appliance.
18. Kids will not even know that Sears used to have a huge catalogue.
19. Kids born today will never know that Sears used to sell houses, and wedding dresses.
20. Kids born today may never experience a love in, or a sit in.
21. They  will never have to use dial up Internet service.
22. Kids may never experience going shopping at a small plaza, instead of an outlet mall, or a shopping mall.
23. They will never have the thrill of seeing Michael Jackson in concert---live.
24. Kids today may never have to read regular books, instead of using a Kindle.
25. Kids born today may never even know what a hardcover book is.
26. Kids born today might not experience the thrill of writing a letter to an older relative, and then walking to a mailbox to mail it. In fact kids might not even know what the term "snail mail" means.
27. Kids born today will never know that banks didn't charge fees to use your money.
28. Kids born today may never experience listening to songs without Autotune.
29. Kids will never experience a phone that has a party line, or has rotary dialer.
30. Kids today will never know that English used to be the main language Americans used.

Thirty things kids born today will never experience is what's happening today, Dude!! Copyright 2011(c), written by Kate Johns, who has been a professional author since 2004.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is it better to be unemployed or employed?

Is it better to be unemployed or employed?
Currently in the United States the unemployment statistics are at about 8 percent. Current stats also say that only half of America is paying taxes.When you think about it, many millions of people would probably say it is better to have a job. But, with only half of Americans paying taxes, you might just have a stalemate when it comes to people having the desire to be employed or to be unemployed.

My husband would definitely fall into the category of he'd rather be employed. When he lost his job several years ago, I literally had to drag my husband out of the house, away from our land line phone, kicking and screaming to the neighborhood pool.
After settling in, with me embracing the glorious sunshine, my husband sat in a chair, flipped open a book on how to start a business, while the man who flopped down next to us, received a cell call.
The side of the conversation we heard went something like this, "Yeah, it's great, I'm getting unemployment for the entire summer. I'm kicking back, while my ex-wife works her butt off, and best of all, I don't have to pay child support for my kid."
I was disgusted, as I nudged my husband who was looking incredibly uncomfortable being out of his work element.

So, KT1Writes viewers--- is it better to be unemployed or employed? I'm only doing the more positive aspects, not the complaint----God, I would be here all day with the complaints!

Here are a few good aspects about having a job:
1. Get paid to work hard----job satisfaction.
2. Have pride, for yourself
3. Being responsible for yourself, your life, your home, kids, and society.
4. Life furthers itself. You can buy things, make bigger plans.
5. Life may be more rewarding when you are gainfully employed.

The positive aspects of being unemployed:
1. Becoming a beach bum.
2. Gaining more time with your family.
3. Time to develop another career.
4. Getting more sleep---maybe. But if you're anything like my hubby, you would get less sleep.
5. Finally get to see what goes on outside of work while slaving away for someone else.

Besides not having to pay taxes at least until next tax season is upon us, being unemployed may be the best thing in the world while you learn about all the things you missed out on while working. But, you may be the kind of person who is has a type tripe A personality that has to have a job, because as my husband said, "Being unemployed drove me crazy!" Copyright 2010, (c), written by freelance author Kate Johns.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bullying is becoming an accepted part of society

Teenagers are dying because other teens are bullying them. At the risk of sounding like an old person that is set in her old person ways, I know why teens are bullying each other. It's more of an accepted thing in todays' society that's why.

Turn on any reality TV show, and see adult women pulling each other's hair out. Flip through any fashion magazine and you will see girls, women, pre-teens and young girls wearing next to nothing. Look at any model with her thin arms, and too large for her body, obviously fake breasts.

We accept bullying as a part of society today; that's why teens think it is okay to bully each other. Teenagers, preteens, younger children, and young adults say things to each other that this old person could not have said years ago. I would have been yelled at by my mother, given a hard time by my friends, or had it thrown right back by my older, nastier sister.

Bullying is becoming more of an accepted part of today's world. You may blame the kids that bully, but you might just want to look at the media these kids are tormented with everyday. Reality TV shows announce fighting, back stabbing, yelling and mistreating other human beings as a way of life. "Rock of Love," was one of the first reality TV shows that showcased young women fighting over a rock star, by actually fighting over Brett Michaels. They swore, spit, pulled each other's hair, and made out with each other as well as Brett Michael's.

If you have cable TV in your house, and a TV in nearly every room, chances are your kids are watching programs including people mistreating each other, having sex, and acting like Divas from the time they can see and figure out what is going on.

Teenagers have been viewing young adults, older adults and teens mistreating, bullying, talking smack to each other probably for their entire young lives. MTV showcases programs where young adults live together in a house since 1992.Teens' cartoons, kids' shows, entire networks devoted to your children are basically garbage filling your young child's mind. My kids can quote Spongebob cartoons from memory. It's not something I am proud of, but my college sophomore and my middle school child both watch too much TV. Watch a few moments of  "Almost Naked Animals, " and you will see what I mean with cartoon characters mistreating one another.
Sample a few minutes of any Housewife of series, and you will see bullying, backstabbing and lying  from the housewives and  their relatives.

Peruse your teenager's Facebook account, and you will discover how he  talks smack with his friends. Discover his girlfriend's suggestive sexual promises to him. Grab one of your kid's cellphones only to find out how many naked sexts he has received from friends. Find out how your teens make fun of other kids online, on their cellphones, on their blogs, etc. Unless you are doing the same thing your teens are doing, then you will not enjoy discovering your child Skyping his girlfriend in his bedroom while they have their clothes off.

What I'm saying, by going slightly off course, is kids are used to seeing shocking things. This means they are not shocked by saying mean, horrible, fierce, rude, idiotic things to each other. But kids do have feelings as any adult does. When adults are given a hard time at work by a co-worker, it hurts, and for teens who have hormones raging and whose brains are not fully developed it hurts even more.

Teens, and young adults may think it is okay to bully someone else, because they can do so without seeing or being seen by the recipient's of their bullying. We live in a world where instant gratification is the norm ,and we can do so by making comments on numerous websites, social networks, and on each other's blogs. We can say rude, nasty, horrid things to each other, and about other people without having any real consequences. But when a young person reads bullying comments and hears them everyday at school, after awhile it settles in and that person thinks something is wrong with them. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns who has been freelance writing professionally since 2004.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11: The Tenth Anniversary of Losing America's Innocence by Kate Johns

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11, America and the world are reminded of how a powerful, but innocent nation was brought to it's knees for one horrible day as we left our youth, our superpower status, and our innocence behind. As a jealous, more hostile world terrorized America ruining our freedoms, and our more rich ways of living, we will always remember the 3,000 souls that died on that fateful, yet beautiful September day.

You see, on 911 not only did thousands of people die, so too did America as we knew her. America has become a less innocent place to live, as we are body probed before boarding airplanes. America has become a more watchful, yet scarier place to live. With the 9/11 anniversary arriving, America now has border patrol, vigilant police forces watching for even a sign of terrorism. America's airspace is surveyed, as are her shores, land, and roads.

We as Americans are less innocent to the horrid, nasty ways of jealous, menacing nations. We no longer think of any person as a friend, but more of a foe, unless we have lived with that person for our entire lives. Billions of lives were changed that day.

Hundreds of people knew they were going to die on 9/11, and they took action ensuring that more people did not die that horrible day. They were courageous, selfless, beautiful human beings. They were the stuff action-adventure movies are made of. They took quick action on those planes headed for Washington and New York City on 9/11. And they did it with pride of being Americans.

As I watched in horror as cable news stations started covering the first building having been crashed into with huge plumes of smoke blowing out of the building, I knew something was wrong. I was learning as many millions of Americans were learning that this crash into the World Trade Center building was not a mistake,it was a planned terrorist threat to our very freedoms.
America has never been the same since that fateful, but beautiful late summer day in September. As my husband hurried out the door, I worried  if I would ever see him again, and my thoughts were with keeping my children safe.

At that point in time, my husband was working at a local radio station, and we would be celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary the very next day. We never did celebrate our 14 anniversary that year. Neither did we celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary the next year. It was more important to cover the chilling news that was taking place in front of us that the World Trade Center, and our American way of life was forcefully ending.

After realizing that thousands of people died on 911, and that hundreds of people gave up their lives so that more people would not have to die, I figured celebrations were not warranted at the time.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strange Pennsylvania Town Names

There are hundreds if not thousands of strange town names towns in the second  oldest state in the United States, of Pennsylvania. Many of the towns are over one hundred years old, many dating back even farther, to two hundred years old.

To people living in these strange sounding named towns, I am almost certain that these folks would not think a name such as Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania would sound odd. (Nope, Snooki, and the Situation do not live there.)You must understand that growing up in a certain area, you get used to the way things are. When you have relatives, and therefore ancestors that have been raised in a certain area, you  learn to accept the way things are.You have to admit these are some pretty strange, odd, and  weird names. As far as names go, some of these Pennsylvania town names are pretty cool then also as are:Hershey, Pennsylvania. I for one want to go to Hershey Pa, and buy and eat as many chocolate yummies as I possibly can.
Besides what's really wrong with naming a town after one of the best activities to engage in---Intercourse Pennsylvania?
Okay, here they are, strange Pennsylvania town names:
Big Beaver
Bird in Hand
Blue Ball
Corner Store, I think we drove through this town at one time, and laughed out loud at the sign stating the town name.
Drab----Finally, a truthful Pennsylvania resident named a town for what it really is.
Fear Not
Home---that's pretty simple, and this town was probably named when early settlers, pulled up in a horse drawn buggy, and tiredly declared, "Finally, we are home."
Jersey Shore, after reading this town's information, Jersey Shore Pa, was actually named after New Jersey. And because the river that runs through this small town, is located with the river being on the Jersey Shore side of town.
King of Prussia
Loyalsock---Drove to and through this town several times, and we love this name.
Moon Run
New Beaver
Red Lion
Almost forgot this town's name, Taylor Swift grew up here here, and was bullied by classmates, in
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. HAH! Who's laughing now, Wyomissing nasty people!!
That's all I've got for now. There are plenty of strange sounding town names, these just happen to be located in Pennsylvania. Copyright 2011 (c), written by Kate Johns a professional writer who has been freelance writing since 2004.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What women over 50 should never wear

A Facebook friend of mine had a recent article on Yahoo News concerning what people over 50 should never wear. Even with 50 being the new 40, there are tops, dresses, shoes, bathing suits older women should never wear.

Used to be there were rules about what clothing  people should wear, and what they shouldn't wear, such as you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, and you weren't supposed to wear black to a wedding.

Well, guess what all of those rules have been thrown to the wind.

But, I couldn't help myself after seeing so many women over the age of 50 lately dressing like they are trying desperately to look like they are 25 again. Give it up, already! Dress your age. If you have a great body and look great in nearly everything, then I say go for it! But, please if you do not have the body of a 25 year old, ladies, please do not dress like one.

Here are the items a woman 50 years of age and over should, oh please, not wear:

1. Halter tops. Especially without a bra----can you say sagging nightmare, gross, vile, disgusting, If you have to wear a halter top women over 50, please wear a bra.

2.Bikini bathing suit. When you have had several children, have stretch marks, and you also have fat situated around your mid-section, please do not wear a bikini. It doesn't matter what age you are, bikinis do not look good on an overweight, older woman. Besides, all of the people going "Yuck", as you wander by, noone wants to see anyone's fat.

3.Short shorts. Okay, short shorts look great, usually on young girls, not on older women who have sagging thighs and butts. It looks gross to expose older skin to the world that has cellulite, fat, and is sagging. Besides, when clothing is sold in the Juniors department, there's usually a really good reason for this.

4.Super short dresses with Ho heels. Nothing says, "Gag me with a spoon" than an older woman walking through a room especially when her younger daughter has gotten married, and here comes the bride's mom strutting through the reception wearing a super short dress, wearing seriously high heels,  thinking she looks HOT. Please, let younger women be stared at, not you for all the wrong reasons.

5. See through tops. This is not for an older woman who has fat centered around her waist, or when she has sagging breasts. Ladies, this is a huge no-no! Please do not wear a see-through shirt, top, crop-top, or camisole in a public place, even if it is 105 degrees outside. Leave see-through garments to turn on your guy at home.

6.Sleeveless tops are not what a woman should wear when her arms are saying "Hello", when she waves in a crowded room. Please, ladies do not wear, sleeveless garments, unless you plan on leaving your arms at your sides for the evening.

7. Thong panties or thong bathing suits. Please do not wear this garment, girls with a super short skirt,or dress. Thong panties were made for the younger set, when paired with low rider jeans.

8. No panties. Please, ladies do not commit a Paris Hilton mistake by not wearing any panties. This may make headlines for an heiress, but you may make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Women over 50 need to look beautiful, becoming mentors for younger women who hopefully will look up to older women that look great. By the way, ladies remember to work out, and take care of the body you live in. Copyright (c) 2011---which means you are not allowed by law to steal, borrow, or take any of this information and use it to make money on your blog or another website!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Seven Ways to Save Money on High gas Prices

Gas prices are soaring. Seems every time oil prices go up, the next day people see prices at the pump climb at a seriously fast rate. While the prices may climb five to ten cents at one time, they seem to slowly decline. What can you do about  seriously high gas prices? Besides, complaining and whining, and feeling like you are being hijacked at gunpoint by unscrupulous, amoral oil barons, you can save money at the pump.  Here are seven ways to save money on the high prices of gas:

1.Don't use your car.
Sounds strange doesn't it? You probably can't just stop using your car, because you have to get to work, go shopping for groceries and other items, but you can use your car less often. Get creative.
Stay home more often. Invite friends and relatives to your home for a barbecue, or a movie night, instead of going out.

2. Combine trips. When you are out running errands, coming home from work, combine necessary trips. Plan your trips for when you will driving in a certain direction, such as picking the kids up from school, and going grocery shopping directly after.

3.Carpool with friends, relatives, or co-workers. Instead of driving your car to work everyday, arrange to carpool with friends, or co-workers. You don't have to go out of your way either; pick up a worker you have prearranged to meet at a designated area. You can also park and ride. Many cities across America have designated park and ride areas. You drive to a parking lot, park your car, and hop on a bus,trolley or train riding for a certain fee close to your place of work.

4. Work from home/telecommuting. Arrange with your boss to work from home several days a week.Appeal to your boss selling your stay at home/telecommuting arrangement as a means for the company to save money. Your boss can save money on electricity, and or gas, while you work from home. It's a win-win situation; you save money on gas, and parking fees, while your employer saves money on electricity, gas, computers, etc.

5.Sell an extra car. Your family can save on major car expenses by selling an extra car. Just think of the possibilities; lower insurance payments, making money from the sale of a car, lower gas costs,and less money spent on car payments, and car maintenance.

6. Ride a bike instead of driving your car.  Ride a bike for as many miles as you can handle, in mild weather. Avoid riding your bike on bad weather days, like during a snowstorm. Ride your bike with a basket attached to the corner store, and to shorter distances such as the local library, meetings, etc. Just think----now you can save money on a gym membership as well!

7.Take the bus instead of driving the car to work, or school. Buy a bus pass, instead of plunking change into the meter everyday. While riding on the bus or train,get work accomplished by sending text messages, or take a short nap. You will save money on gas, car maintenance, parking fees, etc.

These are just seven ways to fight high gas prices. Maybe you have already come up some ideas of your own.  Copyright 2010, (c), written by professional author, Kate Johns.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony verdict is a travesty of Injustice.

An outrageous travesty of injustice has occured in the Casey Anthony verdict. When it comes to little children being murdered or harmed, I become one of those outspoken parents that can't stop myself from yelling at the TV, or telling anyone within earshot of how a horrible travesty of injustice has occurred.Even though I promised my husband, my family and myself that I would not jump on my soapbox like millions of other people, yelling like the crazed Nancy Grace talk show host, I can't stay quiet any longer.
Casey Anthony has been allowed to leave jail after serving three years for killing her two year old daughter Caylee. I am sickened at the thoughts this brings to my mind. I am the mother of two children, and I could never harm them, in fact, I am the mom that has been overprotective of my children to the point of being called a Hover mom.
Casey Anthony may or may not have killed her two year old daughter. In all fairness, the media had Casey Anthony guilty before the case hit the courtroom.
The Casey Anthony case had circumstantial evidence, and it was not proven who killed this adorable little girl.
But, what we the American people who did catch some of the Casey trial, we do know something is horribly wrong with the Anthony family.
The Grandmother of Caylee Anthony was the person who called 911 to say her Granddaughter was missing. From what I saw in a recap on TV the other night, Cindy, called 911 a full month after her Granddaughter was missing. To me, this says, Cindy and her husband, were covering up for Casey. From what I caught of the trial, Cindy, her husband and her son were all trying to cover up for Casey. They in fact were walking a very thin line of lying.
From what I know of the law, (I am not a lawyer), this is called purgery. A person who takes the stand in a courtroom, has to take an oath swearing on a Bible that he will "tell the truth and nothing but the truth."
It sounded like Cindy was doing everything she could to keep her daughter out of jail. She cried. She denied. And yes, she may have lied. From where I sit, as a regular person who caught glimpses of the trail, perhaps, Cindy and her husband should be charged with accessory to murder, murder, or at the very least, purgery.
What it comes down to is someone in the Anthony household killed that baby. The child was buried and several years later her bones were found . Casey Anthony ran from home, the home she lived in with her parents. She did not have a job. She bolted from her parents' home after her child was killed, drowned accidentally, or was at the very least, was not taken care of . We don't know what happened to this child. And we will never know.
But what I do know and you know also is that a child died, and someone should pay, besides taxpayers, for this travesty of injustice. Copyright 2011, (c), written by professional author Kate Johns.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Congressman Anthony Weiner exposed to world by Kate Johns

Congressman Anthony Weiner is all over the news. The entire world knows what he did, how he did it, and where he did this. The only way you couldn't know is by living under a rock.
Okay let's recap---just in case you missed this exciting, enticing, disgusting, perverted story:
46 year old New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has become a historic figure by doing what guys do online that kids are told not to do, but do anyways for kicks. The Congressman showed his privates on the Internet. He exposed himself on line in picture form and talked about sex with younger women on the Internet. The thing is he had recently become married to his wife, who is a longtime Hillary Clinton aide.
Then the reality show continues with the Congressman exposing himself to the media as a fraud. Weiner is all over TV, the Internet, and the media defending him, saying he was framed. He basically said he didn't do it, someone else did. He actually thought we would believe him! He said he didn't call the police because he just didn't. But, Weiner insisted that he was innocent.
After Andrew Breitbart, a blogger turned media mogul, discovered A. W. was exposing himself to younger women on the Internet, he wrote about it on his website. He broke the story last week. Breitbart asked Anthony for an apology at the Congressman's press conference after calling Breitbart a liar.
Sounds like two little kids on a playground at this point in time.
Currently, Weiner says he will not step down from his public office.
But, he might have to because he is now being investigated by the Ethics Committee in Washington. They will try to find out if he was displaying his penis or doing anything unethical while in his office.
What!! You mean he can't get kicked out of his esteemed job for lying? You mean he can't get walked out of work by policemen because he lied to America, the world and most importantly his new wife?
It comes down to this people----the Congressman is a liar, and a cheat. He lied to his wife. He lied to his colleagues. He lied to you and me. And he blamed someone else for his porn problem.
There is major irony here---the Congressman had Bill Clinton officiate at his recent wedding. Come on, he had millionaire Mr. Liar Pants , (Bill Clinton) act as a minister at his wedding! you remember what Bill said-----"I did not have sex with that woman."
Weiner's antics go down, (sorry for the pun), in history as did Bill Clinton's antics.
Now Weiner is a comedian's best friend. A. W. may lose his job, his wife, his porn sites, and most importantly his ethics.
After all of this A. W. will probably not go to jail, and will become the butt of jokes for years to come. He will probably keep his great job, his great life, and do what his mentor Bill Clinton did----make millions for being a sex fiend.
What will Anthony W's book be called, "My Addiction Problem?" Think of the reality TV show possibilities, "Mr. Weiner comes to call." He could start his own porn website. Mark my words, the Congressman will triumph from here, making millions off of his public porn problem.
And he will probably be voted into political office again, with the Clintons by his lying, cheating side.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Six fun, flirty first date ideas.

What can you do on your first date that is fun, flirty and perhaps doesn't start with an F?
First dates do not have to be a jittery nightmarish experience where you feel sick to your stomach. You can go out with your date and have a fun-filled time that rivals no other. In fact, you might just have so much fun, that your date will be talking about it for weeks to come.
There are all kinds of things to do on a first date that are filled with major frivolity. This way you can get to know your dating companion faster and a lot easier than sitting down at a dull meal asking all kinds of questions that everybody asks on first dates.  Six fun, flirty things to do on a first date:

1. Commune with nature. Unless you live far away from a beach or it is the middle of winter, try taking your date to a more natural setting for that all important first date. You will find out if your date likes nature, and if he or she can handle getting sand between her toes. You can go to a park and pack a picnic basket full or make dinner outside. You can go hiking, or bicycling, kayaking, or go for a long, slow walk on a pretty beach just as the sun sets.
2. To get to know your date better without all the standard first date rhetoric, take your date out for something completely different. Try parasailing, or hot air ballooning. This way you can have a great time and have a lot to talk about after or on the second date. This way you will impress your date and let your date find out more about your interests by participating in them now.
3. Find out what your date likes to do and do that for the day or evening. If he likes all things motorcycles, then plan the day to be a motorcycle themed day with going to a motorcycle show, or riding a motorcycle. The next date can be what you like to do.
4. How about trying a helicopter, plane or boat tour? Now while this may cost more than the average first meal and drinks after, it can be so much fun. You can tour your city and have a guide point out different locations of interest. You could go on a boat tour and have a relaxing date, finding out more about each other.
5. How about going to a concert together for a band that you both like? You could even go out and catch a free band in the spring and summer in many locations across the country. Even if you don't like the music it can still be a lot of fun hanging out, drinking your favorite wine and talking to your future partner.
6. How's this for fun? Going on a first date and taking a class in something neither of you have ever done before? You could try painting, pottery creating, almost anything. Just ask her before you schedule, and the two of you may find a new shared interest.
Break the ice by having something to do while working and talking.

Have a great time on your first fun, flirty first date. And like I already said, first dates are not meant for the f word. that happens later on when you get to know each other a lot better. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, who has been freelance writing professionally since 2004.

How to be comfortable with your body so you can wear anything by Kate Johns

 How you can be comfortable with your body---

Most women do not have Jennifer Lopez's millions to afford having numerous plastic surgeries, body lifts, breast enhancements or bust reductions. Many famous women, especially the stars of reality TV shows like the stars of "The Housewives series" have had Botox or plastic surgery enhancing their bodies. Regular women can't afford to throw hard earned money on getting surgery, so here girls is a guide on how to look great in a swimsuit, or shorts this summer. How can you be comfortable with your body?
Here are the solutions:


Relax; life is too short to worry about how your body looks in shorts, short sleeves, and in a bathing suit. You don't worry about the way you look in your winter sweaters and unglamorous sweat pants. What it all comes down to is, will people that see your body in a swimsuit even remember how you looked in it? Chances are they won't even care. Everybody checks everybody else out at the beach and public pools. But they won't even remember what you looked like in that bikini, because they are more concerned with how they look.

Every person has a different body shape. There are several distinct female body shapes such as the triangle, the pear, and the apple. This is an overall generalization that many women do not fit into. Look at yourself in the mirror without any clothes on. Then figure out what clothing will look best on you, what you can afford to buy and how it will accentuate your body. Learn to shop for clothing that works for your body, not what the department stores are selling this week.
Buy clothing that is the same color on the top and on the bottom. The same colored clothing will make you look slimmer. For people that have problem areas in the legs, buy shorts that are longer, not short-shorts. Wear longer tops that hang down a little lower, and don't expose the stomach area. Wear light pants and not shorts to cover the leg area if that's what you want. Wear light colored Capri pants that are longer than shorts, but shorter than slacks.


Learn to love the body you were born with. By accepting who you are and how you look will go a long way in making you feel confident. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Do this everyday, and learn to love who you are. You may have silky gorgeous long hair or have long legs that look great in shorts. You may have very pretty eyes, and be able to wear clothing that is meant for shorter women. Accentuate the positive and play down the negative aspects of your body.
It doesn't matter what other people think, it matters what you think of yourself. Your body is what you were born with so why not make the most of it, and live life to the fullest, everyday.

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Find out if he or she is the right one.

When becoming seriously involved in a relationship, you think about taking the relationship to the next level. You may want to move in together or get married. But, you need to know if he or she is the right one. Just how do you find out if he or she is the right one?

There are four relationship tests:

Trust your gut feeling----
When you are in a serious relationship, and you are wondering if your boyfriend or girlfriend is the right one, you will have to trust your gut feeling. When you have a feeling that something is wrong, that nagging feeling, then usually that means there is something wrong. You need to trust your gut. This may sound very vague, but you need to sit down alone, and really think about if he or she is the right person for you. If you really think something is wrong, then ask what is wrong.

The animal test----
In order to find out if a person is the right one, you need to find out if your partner is a good person. Try doing a test on your boyfriend or girlfriend. Introduce a dog or cat into the relationship. You can take your partner to a friend’s house to do this also, if you are not ready to have a dog or cat. Pick up the cat or dog and pet it. Watch in a casual, relaxed manner what your boyfriend, or girlfriend does. If your boy/girl friend runs in terror from the animal, this may mean she has not grown up with an animal, and has no experience with animals. An animal loving person is a person that shows love and compassion easily.However a person that hates animals may have major problems that need to be addressed before he can enter into a committed relationship with another person.
Child test---

Another test to perform on your partner is to find out if he or she likes children. You should find out if your partner can handle being around children. When a person has been raised with several siblings, or he has been raised in a large household, he will know how to get along with other people. When a child has been raised as an only child, he may be more selfish, more self reliant, and not be able to share easily with others.
When you are planning on having kids in the near future you will want to live your life with a person who can take care of children. When a person can talk to, and get along with children this is usually a good sign that you have met a “keeper.”

Family/Parent test---

To find out if your boyfriend or girlfriend is the right one, perform the ultimate test; introduce your parents to your partner. You will also want to meet his parents and family. While having your partner meet your parents, he may find that he has nothing in common with them, and that he feels he is making a mistake. Your parents may be more laid back, and charismatic, or just the opposite. You are better off discovering what his family is like before allowing the relationship to become very serious.
Making sure he or she is the right one is not difficult, just use common sense, and perform a few necessary tests. If you are still unsure of your future partner, hold off on the relationship for a while to give the two of you time to think about what you really want. Copyright (c), 2010, written by professional author Kate Johns.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day is Overcommercialized

Just when you thought it was safe to settle down in a dreary winter existence of working, and staying home cuddling under numerous blankets, along come the ads beckoning you to spend more money. Didn't we just end the money spending fervor, called Christmas?

Now we are brought to the brink of insanity with retailers forcing Valentine's Day down our throats.
Obviously they are trying desperately to make money. But do we have to run out to stores or order online expensive jewelry for our female soul mates? Does she really deserve to have another diamond ring foist upon her?

The ads start every year at least a month before February 14, with numerous jewelery ads showing expensive necklaces, rings and earrings. TV ads, online ads, newspaper ads showcasing pricey items filled our heads like those sugarplums of Christmas past.

All I want to know is when did Valentine's Day become all about buying expensive jewelry for the woman in your life? My husband has never bought me an expensive item for V-day. And when I told him that, he got huffy with me.

Pro flowers ads have sprung up on the Internet so much so, that I now hate and don't ever want to see another red rose. Big box stores are in on the game:
Kmart even is hawking jewelry. Last year, I remember getting numerous Walmart ads decorated with everything red for your sweetie, including stuffed animals, and candy hearts. By the way---Where's Victoria's Secret in the melay?

Next, major retailers will be counting down to Valentine's day. They will force us to buy a Valentine's tree complete with red, pink and white ornaments. Do you really need another mug laden with red,and pink hearts?
Enough already!!

I say we go back to the days when Valentine's day was not over-commercialized, and forced down our throats. We are making single people feel like crap! Stop bludgeoning us over the hearts with candy, lacy red teddies, and expensive presents!! Let's go back to celebrating Valentine's Day the way it was meant to be celebrated; between two people who love each other. Celebrate in your own way, whether that is staying home cuddling, or painting the town with pink, red and white hearts.

Before you know it, there will be Valentine's parades, and cupid for kids to ask for presents from. Do we really need to get everyone in the family V-day gifts? Do the kids need candy hearts, and new stuffed animals? Do we really have to have Valentine's parties for the kids? Do we really have to over do buying everyone at work heart candy, cakes, or doughnuts?

It's gotten to the point where it is expected that men run out and buy their sweetheart expensive presents for Valentine's Day. But you don't have to go into debt to satisfy your Sweetie! A good old fashioned romp in the hay will do the trick, Guys! Hint hint, and acting like a romance novel character will enhance the pleasure. copyright 2011, (c), written by professional author Kate Johns.