Sunday, August 4, 2013

Think I'm going blind. Figure out these funny writing notes.

Bored beyond belief one Sunday(today), due to the unseasonably awful summer we are having, I started looking over my writing notes looking for something to write about. What's so interesting about that?

 How's this; it keeps me from complaining to my family and on Facebook about the cold, dreary, fall like weather we have been having during July and August. While looking over my notes, I noticed that I couldn't read what the heck I wrote, or is that scribbled in my notebook?
I couldn't see the writing due to it being dark outside, my lack of decent lighting---I'm not climbing a chair to fix that overhead light!

So I started laughing out loud with my family all doing what we always do when we are home together---ignore each other by going online to write stuff and talk to total strangers.
My notes were what I could read in a darkened room, with the curtains pulled back allowing the dismal outside light into the room. Here are my notes on writing ideas:
" Don't tell birds something wrong with them."
"Blog entry; listen to nature early mornings listening to birds."
"Why older women should not wear skinny jeans at the fair." I really don't know what this one means, because I haven't been to a fair in years.
"YAHOO password= Oops, can't tell you this one."
"Think about business PLAN. "
"article or book idea." After that was a blank space.

There were tons more writing notes, but I have to say I couldn't read them in the darkened room where I believe I am going slowly blind. You know it's bad when you have to hold your glasses up to your eyes to see any of the print which looks too small to your eyes. Still my kids say, "Mom, I can read what you are writing across the room. Blind much?"

So I'm ending this blog entry with this last writing note for you to figure out:
"George was Queen's father's name." This was written on the side of the page. "freshmen orientation blog about new baby and tourism."
Okay, obviously my copious notes were written together to save time , space and money.
Copyright(c) 2013, written by Kate Johns a professional writer.