Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Six fun, flirty first date ideas.

What can you do on your first date that is fun, flirty and perhaps doesn't start with an F?
First dates do not have to be a jittery nightmarish experience where you feel sick to your stomach. You can go out with your date and have a fun-filled time that rivals no other. In fact, you might just have so much fun, that your date will be talking about it for weeks to come.
There are all kinds of things to do on a first date that are filled with major frivolity. This way you can get to know your dating companion faster and a lot easier than sitting down at a dull meal asking all kinds of questions that everybody asks on first dates.  Six fun, flirty things to do on a first date:

1. Commune with nature. Unless you live far away from a beach or it is the middle of winter, try taking your date to a more natural setting for that all important first date. You will find out if your date likes nature, and if he or she can handle getting sand between her toes. You can go to a park and pack a picnic basket full or make dinner outside. You can go hiking, or bicycling, kayaking, or go for a long, slow walk on a pretty beach just as the sun sets.
2. To get to know your date better without all the standard first date rhetoric, take your date out for something completely different. Try parasailing, or hot air ballooning. This way you can have a great time and have a lot to talk about after or on the second date. This way you will impress your date and let your date find out more about your interests by participating in them now.
3. Find out what your date likes to do and do that for the day or evening. If he likes all things motorcycles, then plan the day to be a motorcycle themed day with going to a motorcycle show, or riding a motorcycle. The next date can be what you like to do.
4. How about trying a helicopter, plane or boat tour? Now while this may cost more than the average first meal and drinks after, it can be so much fun. You can tour your city and have a guide point out different locations of interest. You could go on a boat tour and have a relaxing date, finding out more about each other.
5. How about going to a concert together for a band that you both like? You could even go out and catch a free band in the spring and summer in many locations across the country. Even if you don't like the music it can still be a lot of fun hanging out, drinking your favorite wine and talking to your future partner.
6. How's this for fun? Going on a first date and taking a class in something neither of you have ever done before? You could try painting, pottery creating, almost anything. Just ask her before you schedule, and the two of you may find a new shared interest.
Break the ice by having something to do while working and talking.

Have a great time on your first fun, flirty first date. And like I already said, first dates are not meant for the f word. that happens later on when you get to know each other a lot better. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, who has been freelance writing professionally since 2004.

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