Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Biggest List of Reality TV Shows for 2011

How many reality TV shows can you name off the top of your head? About 10 or 12 maybe? There are hundreds of reality TV shows showcasing their competitive nature and their inner immaturity in America alone.

Many of these reality TV shows are also shown in Canada, England, and Australia under different names or with that country's name in front of the title, such as Canada's Next Top Model. I came up with a current list of reality TV shows as of September 2011. By this time next year, half of these shows may be cancelled with a new roster of TV shows topping the list. The list I have created is long and varied, compiled by doing some good old fashioned research, and TV viewing. I did not include previously viewed reality TV shows, because then we would have to start in 1969 with a show about an American family shown on PBS.

Here is the BIGGEST list of reality TV shows:

Amazing Race
Holly's World (another one of Hugh Hefner's ex-bimbos.)
American Idol
The Voice
Mad Fashion
Rachel Zoe Project
Project Runway
Selling New York
Millionaire Matchmaker
19 Kids and Counting
Sister Wives
Kate Plus 8 (which was recently cancelled)
Celebrity Apprentice
The Edge With Peter Lik(on The weather Channel)
Storm Chasers
MTV's The Real World(which has been on since about 1992)
MTV's Jersey Shore
MTV's Cribs
Teen Mom
Hardcore Pawn
Pawn Stars
The Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, New York City, and Miami.
Extreme Couponing
Toddlers and Tiaras
Big Hair Alaska
Celebrity Rehab
Making the Band
Man vs. Wild
America's Next Top Model, with Australia's Next Top Model and Britain, and also Canada.
Confessions: Animal Hoarders
Extreme Hoarders
Extreme Makeover
Cake Boss
Dinner Impossible
Man versus Food
Hell's Kitchen
Worst Cooks in America
Top Chef
Iron Chef
The Great Food Truck Race
Big Brother
Blind Date
Born to Dance
Campus PD
Dog The Bounty Hunter
The Apprentice
The Bachelor
What Not To Wear
Picker Sisters
American Pickers
Boot Camp
Britain's Got Talent
Dirty Jobs
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Ice Road Truckers
Kitchen Nightmares
L.A. Ink
Miami Ink (However, L. A. Ink was cancelled this year.)
Top Chef
Tabatha:Salon Takeover
Sister Wives
Auction Hunters
Deadliest Catch
Say Yes to the Dress
Whale Wars
The Biggest Loser
Nanny 911
Super Nanny
Storage Wars
Kathy Griffin:My Life on the D-List
Keeping up With The Kardashians
Khloe and Lamar
The Great Race
Live to Dance
The Biggest Race
Auction Kings
Billy the Exterminator
America Haunts
Storage Hunters
Dancing With The Stars
Roseanne's Nuts(This show looks to have been cancelled after just two episodes.)
Ice Loves Coco

Personally, I'd like to see a Celebrity Hoarders TV show, or a Day in the Life series following real celebrities around for one day.Copyright 2011 (c), Written by Kate Johns. a professional author since selling her first greeting card saying in 2004.

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