Monday, May 14, 2012

Five common sense ways to lose weight

Recently a new study came out, stressing that 42 percent of Americans are obese. That means there are millions of Americans spending billions of dollars on new diets every new day. On the same day this study came out,  I saw an episode of 20/20 that made me cringe. I was so thoroughly grossed out as to what lengths people will go to lose weight. Millions of ideas abound, such as trying one of many numerous weight loss plans, exercise videos, celebrity endorsed weight loss plans, surgery, and now feeding tubes.

Give me a break!!

There are many free, common sense ways you can lose weight. Good old fashioned common sense comes in handy when you need a cheap alternative. Besides, some gorgeous star is not going to come to your house to help you lose weight. It'd be nice to have your dream star do that, but it won't happen, unless you pay Brad Pitt, or Angelina Jolie millions to do so!

I've never, ever paid someone, or some company to help me lose weight. I lost the weight by working hard to get rid of it. Hard work pays off, not throwing your money away making someone else rich. I had two kids, worked full time, stayed home with my kids, and I didn't use any of that as an excuse to gain weight.
Okay, one time when we moved away from home, I became depressed, started eating those oh so yummy Cheetos all day, and did not work out. I was depressed, blamed the world for my problems, and  I gained about twenty pounds.

I discovered there are five common sense ways to lose weight:

1. Eat less food. How can this be any simpler? Also it's a lot cheaper than spending tons of money on weight loss programs, books, videos, weight loss foods. Eat slowly so that the food has time to fill up your stomach making you feel better. It takes your stomach ten minutes to realize it is full---meaning you can still be stuffing food in your mouth, while you are already full.

2. Eat more filling, high fiber foods. Food rich in fiber such as apples, celery, puffed wheat, sugar-free cereals, and even salad containing cut carrots, and small croutons will help keep your stomach full. Create a salad with baked chicken, not fried, to get more protein, and keep your stomach from growling for several hours.

3. Maintaining a regular exercise program will help keep the pounds off. Going for walks, swimming, lifting weights with your arms, will help you lose weight. Lose weight dancing  or simply by moving around your house. Plan a schedule of when you will work out on certain days of the week, and how long each session will last. Thirty minutes of exercise  five times a  day has been stressed as the goal. But many people are working out longer for six days a week. Figure out which plan works best for you. I alternate by walking  outside or riding my indoor exercise bike five days a week.

4.  Another common sense way to lose weight is to not snack at night. Do not stuff those yummy Oreos, Cheetos, or other junk food into your mouth at night. It is so unhealthy! What happens to the food you eat at night before going to bed? It digests slowly, and you have no way of burning off those fattening calories. That's one reason why so many people end up with major weight gain in their midsections. If you feel hungry at night while watching TV, eat something healthy like sugar-free cereal, or a piece of fruit. Switch it up. You might just be snacking due to boredom.

5. Engage in physical activity.Turn off the TV and go outside. Go for a walk. Plant flowers. Take your dog or cat for a walk. While watching TV, or listening to the radio-engage in an activity. Lift small weights while watching TV. I watch TV and ride my bike , and or lift weights at the same time. My neighbor walks while lifting small weights. Wear wrist weights while walking.

Make up your mind that you are going to lose weight the common sense way. Set an attainable weight loss goal. Then create a plan of how much weight you will lose each week. Watch your calories. Eat natural, healthy , unprocessed foods. Eat low fat, low salt foods. Read the labels. I could go on and on. What it comes down to is using your common sense, and the ideals you have learned, or get a book and teach yourself what the best and healthiest foods are for you to eat to lose weight.Copyright 2012(c), written by professional author Kate Johns.

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