Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dressing like a slob: It's the way to dress today.

Has anyone noticed how people are dressing like slobs? Something must be said for the 1950's and 1960's when people walked out of their homes, and looked in a mirror before going out. People dressed up to go out!

People dressed nicely, oftentimes wearing dressy clothing to go to a restaurant. Entire families were told to wear church clothing to go to Sunday mass. Men didn't wear hats indoors. Men took their hats off inside public places, and held it in their hands. It was expected of men not to wear hats inside of buildings---unless it was an igloo,  a fishing ice hut, or an unheated garage.
When women went to the grocery store to purchase their weekly groceries they dressed decently, and wore makeup.

I noticed a growing, alarming trend of people dressing like slobs to go to restaurants. I started noticing this downwards slide of not dressing up to go out to eat in the late 1990's. Even though I was working full time, and had a small child, I always put on makeup, changed my clothes, and had my child clean, looking decent when we went out to eat---even if it was just to a pizzeria.
I've also noticed in the small town we live in that men and women are dressing like slobs. I'm seeing guys wearing caps, hunting hats, camo gear, work boots, ugly neon t-shirts, and what looks like we just got out of bed, complete with wrinkled clothing.
I understand that you may have just gotten out of work, and you drive a truck, but hello you're wearing a camo hat in a nice restaurant!

Have you noticed the recent trend where people are allowed to dress down to go to work now? Dressing like slobs must be the work handbook handed out when people are hired into their professional work places. I noticed while at my daughter's school for a teacher parent conference, the teachers were dressed like the students were. With younger student teachers gaining experience at high schools, sometimes it's hard to tell the students apart from the teachers. I was kind of grossed out to see a female teacher wearing a super tight top, with those low cut jeans.
 Can you tell the salespeople from the customers at most retail stores anymore like J. C. Penny's Kohl's or Sears? Everyone looks the same, with retail workers dressing like customers. They don't have badges on telling who they are. Twenty years ago, J. C. Penney's employees were told to wear suits, and dressy clothing. Now retail employees can dress like slobs.

Teen girls are dressing all slobby-slutty. Must be the new thing where they all Facebook each other saying, "Tomorrow we are wearing our skinny jeans, and see through, low cut tops."And if they don't dress slobby-slutty, then they are dismissed from the group. For awhile teen girls were wearing pajama pants to school with flip flops. Now they're wearing super short shorts, revealing way too much skin. What makes these dressing all slobby-slutty is the I'm trying to be hip, and I'm my daughter's sister moms, dress like their daughters. Double grossness!! Does anyone need to see a woman going through mid life crises dressing like her slobby-slutty daughter?

Teen boys are wearing jeans that fall off their butts. Yuck!! When are teen and young adult boys going to stop dressing like they live in the hood? Then when they get arrested, their pants fall down past their butts!! This is one slobby trend I really don't want to see grown men doing----especially  the ones with the fat stomach hanging over their pants.

If this recent disgusting trend doesn't start reversing itself, we are going to see men wearing pajama pants, flip flops, carrying their iPods, donning camo hats, construction hats, and see through construction vests, out in public places----like church or expensive restuarants! Copyright(c) 2013, written by Kate Johns.


Anonymous said...

I agree - young girls wearing pajama bottoms outside of their homes even the office dress code has slackened - for instance one of my coworkers stooped over while filing and could see thong underwear! the list goes on

Anonymous said...

Just got home from a pricey restaurant and everyone looked like they just woke up. Old Jeans, no socks (it november) sneakers, Old T-shirts. its disgusting and shows the lack of respect and laziness people have today for those around them as well as themselves. I've gone to evening Broadway shows and see the same lack of caring. Who do stores sell their high end clothes to??? I dressed nicely, dress pants, boots and a solid colored somewhat dressy top, hair done, makeup on, etc. I felt like the outsider.