Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to have a cheap company Christmas party.

Number two- Tell employees to chip in to pay for the party. Your Scrooge-like employer will not have to pay for the entire affair. This may mean the difference between raises, a party, or letting someone go.
Number three- Have a work related party at the boss's home, or a co-worker's home. Once again, everyone can bring a dish of food to pass, and a bottle of alcohol. This way you get to have a party and don't have to pay all the expenses that go with a club, bar or restaurant.

Number four- Have the party at happy hour at a club or bar. You can get free appetizers, cheaper prices on drinks, and still everyone gets to have a good time outside of the workplace.
Number five- Plan on having the work party after Christmas during a slower time of year, such as in January. At this time, many restaurants, and clubs will be begging for business, and your office can get lower prices than offered at Christmas time.

Number six- Save money on a work holiday party by trading business for the party. In other words, your business can give something to the restaurant, bar or club in exchange for the Christmas party. Depending on what kind of business you work at, you might be able to set up a very sweet deal!

Number seven-Save money on a work holiday party by doing something completely different. Don't have a regular, Christmas party. Instead throw a sledding party, or a party at the boss's home. Everyone can make snowmen, and ice-skate on a homemade ice skating rink.

Number eight- Have the holiday party during the warmer months and rent out a shelter at a park, picnic site, or at the beach. Why not, it's cheaper then renting a large room at a club. You might even be able to afford to buy tickets to a baseball game.

Number nine- Instead of having a Christmas party, splurge for the staff to go to a holiday show, or a holiday concert. You can even get a discount rate on a large order. Community Theater is cheaper than big city theater productions!

Don't be a total business Scrooge this year, have a company Christmas party, with proper prior cheapo planning!! Copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns, who has been writing professionally since 2004.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Business:How to Save Money By Going Green

With today's tough economy and rising costs, it's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to make ends meet. There is a way to turn a profit these days; the answer is by going green. Whatever you want to call it, recycling, environmentalism, people have been doing this for years creating alternative business opportunities.

Sell, and or produce green products, such as green cleaning products, green methods of growing and producing food, or methods for utilizing recycling technology. Many businesses are created every day by making reusable products such as cotton robes, clothing, towels, and by starting a business that centers on lending their services to other businesses in how to become green. Just think a business can be created offering their services to give a company a complete going green makeover.
How to Save Money in Business by Going Green by Kate Johns

A business will save major bucks by having the entire office staff telecommute. Telecommuting can save a business thousands of dollars every month that really adds up! This way with the staff working from home, the employer has lower electric and gas costs. With employees working from home the employer doesn't have to pay for electricity use for lights, computers, fax machines, telephones, etc. A business can save as much as 50 percent a year by having its employees work from home.

Conducting all business correspondence electronically, can save the company major costs once again across the board. No longer will stacks of paper be needed to send interoffice mail, and business letters to co-workers and business clients. Employees will be able to conduct business with the aid of the Internet and by utilizing e-mail. Expensive paper will no longer be necessary and the cost of doing business will lower. And the business will do their part to save the trees.

Create ways to save money and make a profit by going green. Any business can save money in this manner, it just takes a little thought and creativity. If you need any more help with this matter, you can hire me as your new Manager of Green Savings. Copyright 2010, (c).       

Friday, November 12, 2010

Overprotective Society taking Freedom Away

Did you notice how companies are recalling everything these days from cat litter that may not clump, to cars having brake problems, to baby strollers that don't stroll?
Is it any wonder why so many people are riding motorcycles with their motorcycle Mamas hanging on the back, with the wind blowing through their hair? Do we think twice about people moving away from large cities into rural pastures to gain their freedom back? No, we don't. We are all too busy watching or listening to the media telling us what has been recalled now, and how big government has come up with yet another law clamping down on our freedom.
Society as a whole has become too overprotective. Each new generation growing up is taught from birth about the dangers that befall our lives. Just the other day I saw on one of the news stations that a blind manufacturer was recalling the blinds because babies and small children could get caught in the cord. The question is where were his parents,in the first place?
We have become a society that is allowing not only our personal freedom to be taken away, but we are allowing companies and government to rule if not ruin our lives. Kids are too afraid to go outside to play. Instead they stay inside where it is "safe" hanging out searching the Internet for more friends, and create sexy videos like they see on TV, and the Internet.

Society has become too complacent by allowing someone else to dictate what is correct for us as a society. Do we need government telling us to go back to school? Do we need local officials telling us we can't smoke in our own homes? Do we really want our kids inside 24-7, experimenting with everything electronic, instead of going outside enjoying life's freedoms?

Way back in the time machine of life, Americans were allowed to drive their cars, while not wearing seat belts. People were allowed to smoke cigarettes at work. Dogs were given the freedom to bark all night long, and kids could go outside and jump in a pile of leaves without fear of getting dirty, or worrying about texting their parents.

We have become an overprotective society. Cellphones are the new babysitters. Your car has been recalled. A camera may be watching your every move as you slave away at your desk at work, Your computer may be monitored by your boss at work. Copyright 2011, (c), written by freelance author Kate Johns.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Worst Birthday Ever

My worst birthday ever---
I had a stroke two days before my 48th birthday. Just thinking about it now, makes me want to cry. I remember lying in the ICU in the hospital. My husband stayed overnight in the hospital because, I had been airlifted to a larger hospital one hundred miles from home the day before.

I was in no mood to celebrate my birthday. I couldn't talk without my mouth drooping. I felt exhausted, and seriously depressed. I was paralyzed on my left side. I couldn't move my arm, or my left leg. As the stroke was happening, I could do everything. My brain was dying from the stroke, and so was my ability to do things.

So, here I was lying in a hospital bed, in a strange town, with only my husband at my bedside. My kids were one hundred miles away at home. My in-laws were at our house taking care of everything there. And our relatives were two hundred miles from our home, in our original hometown. I just wanted to go home, and be left alone, and not have people ask me "What day is it Mrs. Johns?" I already had an MRI that morning, and about six doctors prodding and poking me everywhere they could reach.

My first meal in three days, finally arrived. I ordered a grilled cheese, with applesauce. The nurse came in behind my husband and I saw the small cake she was carrying. My husband and the nurse had found and lit two candles. My husband blew out the candles as more nurses arrived and sang Happy Birthday to me.

I actually laughed, and managed a lopsided smile. My nurse said, "I know this is the last place you want to spend your birthday, but we might as well celebrate it." I told my husband that I made it to my 48th birthday, and he managed a tired smile. He cut the cake, and we ate some. I had about two bites before I felt super full, from not having eaten in almost three days,

When we were officially alone, I started to cry. As my husband handed me Kleenex, he said that everything would be all right. I told him, he didn't have to stay married to a stroke victim. He countered with, "I'm staying, and that's that!  I mumbled this was the worst birthday of my life. He said. "It could be worse." I asked, "How could that be?" He gave me a look that said it all, and I realized, it could be worse. Even though, I thought this was the worst birthday of my life, I was still alive. Copyright 2010, (c), written by professional author Kate Johns.

How to get your reality TV show on TV

How do you become a reality television star? Be creative, baby, be creative. You have to sell your show to big television executives as a completely different concept. That's what they are looking for. Just by watching the reality TV shows coming down the pike, I can tell you that all it takes is being, and doing something totally different.

Oh yea, and you have to go for the sleaze content of having big breasts, long blond hair and the ability to promote yourself to the extreme!

Regular, everyday people have become the focus of reality TV shows, such as MTV's Jersey Shore,and the creepy Sister Wives. With just a little twist; you have to bring that something extra to the plate. You have to be weird, different, strange, sleazy, sexy, or have a totally different angle. You must have a reason to be on the show. That's probably why millions of people tuned in to watch Paris Hilton strut around saying, "That's hot," on her reality TV show with Nicole Ritchie.

You don't have to be a star, baby. Not any longer. You can be a regular promotional machine in order to become a reality TV show star. But you have to bring something different to the show, such as "The Housewives of Atlanta." On the TV show,  "19 Kids and Counting, " for example, the two parents are raising 19 kids. It's interesting to watch this show, because you see how two parents have dealth with having 17 kids, and how they grew to 19 kids in a few short years.

You can do it too! (Probably not having the kids part.) You need to find an audience you will identify with. You also need to live a life that is interesting. Besides showing some cleavage off, or falling into bed, and making it a contest, where there is a will and a need, there's a way.

Start a show of your own by filming it, and touting it to TV executives. Promote your show on the web with the help of Facebook and Twitter. You Tube snippets of your show to an audience, and garner attention, possibly going viral.

You can do something completely different from the current roster of shows of being a rock star, or a Mom with an attitude from a large city. You just need to think of who you are, and why your life is different from other people's lives. You need to fill a certain niche area. Possibly there's a new aspect out there to sell to TV producers with a family that lives on a boat or on a bus, or how one person survives in the wilds of Alaska, sort of like Sarah Palin tried to do on her reality TV show. Copyright (c), 2010, written by Kate Johns a professional author since 2004.