Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thirty things kids born today will never experience

Did you ever think what kids born today will never experience? Kids will never enjoy many things because these things are outdated, gone, or have been replaced by something else.There are many more, that if you are older than 20 you will be able to think of what things, kids born today may never do, experience, see, find, or hold in their hands, such as phones with cords on them that used to hang in a certain spot in the kitchen.

1. Typing on a regular typewriter, not a computer keyboard.Typing on a standard typewriter.
2,  Kids born today will probably never use a payphone, or even know what one is.
3. Using a regular household phone.
4. Playing outside with friends, or alone----outside.
5. Watching TV on a black and white TV.
6. Using the dictionary to look up words, instead of using spellcheck.
7. Mailing letters in a street corner mailbox.
8. Buying penny candy.
9. Going to the library to check books out. Instead today's kids use the Internet.
10.Watching family hour television, with your family.
11. Walking to the drugstore alone.
12. Using library card catalogues to find information.
13. Writing on chalkboards.
14. Cleaning chalkboard erasers.
15. Kids born today will not know what a 45 single was,what a 33 album was, or even what that means.
16. They will not experience buying an entire meal at Mc Donald's for under a dollar.
17. They probably never will shop at Sears, unless they want to buy a new appliance.
18. Kids will not even know that Sears used to have a huge catalogue.
19. Kids born today will never know that Sears used to sell houses, and wedding dresses.
20. Kids born today may never experience a love in, or a sit in.
21. They  will never have to use dial up Internet service.
22. Kids may never experience going shopping at a small plaza, instead of an outlet mall, or a shopping mall.
23. They will never have the thrill of seeing Michael Jackson in concert---live.
24. Kids today may never have to read regular books, instead of using a Kindle.
25. Kids born today may never even know what a hardcover book is.
26. Kids born today might not experience the thrill of writing a letter to an older relative, and then walking to a mailbox to mail it. In fact kids might not even know what the term "snail mail" means.
27. Kids born today will never know that banks didn't charge fees to use your money.
28. Kids born today may never experience listening to songs without Autotune.
29. Kids will never experience a phone that has a party line, or has rotary dialer.
30. Kids today will never know that English used to be the main language Americans used.

Thirty things kids born today will never experience is what's happening today, Dude!! Copyright 2011(c), written by Kate Johns, who has been a professional author since 2004.


Alexandra Heep said...

This is right on:

My daughter, who had an IQ of 139 at age 10, asked me at age 18 how to mail a letter.

Not to mention the look on her face when I was packing up my old albums during a past move. She had no idea what those were.

KT1 WRITES said...

Thanks Alex!! My 12 year old was looking over my shoulder when I wrote this and said, what's a 45 and a 33?