Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is your name too sexy for your sexy self?

Is your name so sexy the opposite sex is instantly attracted to you? A sexy sounding name can be a great conversation starter, a great way to get to know people, and a name that people will always remember. If nothing else, it'll get you a ton of dates. Take this quiz to find out if you have a super sexy name like Marissa, or Jon:

1.Do YOU think your name is sexy?

Of course my name is sexy. I'm a model!
My name is too sexy for this quiz.
HA- Ha, are you serious?
No, and I'm going to change it to something French sounding.

2.Do people you just meet, remember your name?

Always! I give them cologne -scented cards with my name on them.
Who cares about names, when there is love?
Sometimes they actually forget it.
My name is too sexy for them. They are stupid fools.

3.Do people tell you your name is very sexy sounding?

My mother says I was named after a Greek God
Yes, and they say it is very meaningful.
Yea, when they're drunk.
My name is too short to be sexy.

4. Does your name sound mysterious?

My name is Mystery
My name is too sexy to be mysterious.
Mystery surrounds my very aura.
No, I hate my name!

5. Do your friends have sexy names?

No, my name is the sexiest
Yes, and they all sound similar.
No, but they love my name,
No, they're too boring to have sexy names.

6. After taking this quiz, do you want to change your name?

Why? My name is perfect the way it is.
Yes, I want my name to be totally unique.
No, but I'm changing my hair color.
Yes, I want a really sexy name!

Results for the answers to the questions:

Your name is in the top ten of SEXY names of all time. You are a sexy beast and everyone you meet knows it right away. You feel great about your self and everybody remembers your name. In fact, your name is so sexy, they should write a song about how sexy you really are. Your name totally fits your personality and you don't need to change anything!

Your name is sexy, but you need to let people know it. Sell yourself baby and things will happen for you. Wear sexier clothing, spell your name a little differently and then your already sexy sounding name will take on even more sexiness and everyone will remember whom you are. People will gravitate to you at any party.

Your name sounds more mysterious than sexy. And what's wrong with that? Nothing, having a mysterious sounding name just makes you more interesting to the opposite sex. They not only will remember your mysterious sounding name, they will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Your name is very original and it makes you who you are. But, sorry to say it's not a sexy name. Everybody can't have a sexy name, then life would be boring. Your parents gave you a totally different, original name with special meaning so stick with it and you will love to accept the real you. Copyright 2010, (c), written by Kate Johns, a professional author since 2004.