Thursday, March 29, 2012

Four relationship tests to give your boyfriend to see if he is marriage material

When dating a guy and becoming seriously involved with him, you may start having thoughts of taking the relationship to the next level. You may want to move in together or get married. But, you need to know if he is the right one. How do you find out if your boyfriend is marriage material? There are four relationship tests:


When you are in a serious relationship, and you are wondering if your boyfriend is the right one, you will have to trust your instincts, your gut instinct. When you have the feeling that something is wrong, that nagging feeling; then usually that means there is something wrong. You need to trust your real feelings. This may sound very vague, but you need to sit down alone, and really think about if he is the right person for you. If you really think something is wrong, then do not take the next step in the relationship!


Introduce a dog or cat to your partner. You can take your partner to a friend’s house to do this also, if you are not ready to have a dog or cat. Pick up the cat or dog and pet it. Watch in a casual, relaxed manner what your boyfriend does. If your boy friend runs in terror from the animal, this may mean she has not grown up with an animal, and has no experience with animals.
Unless you truly do not like animals, you will want your future partner to like animals and not have a general fear, loathing or hatred for them. An animal loving person is a person that shows love and compassion easily.However a person that hates animals may have major problems that need to be addressed before he can enter into a committed relationship with another person.


Another test to perform on your partner is to find out if he  likes children. You may not want to bring children into this troubled world. But, you should find out if your partner can handle being around children. When a person has been raised with several siblings, or he has been raised in a large household, he will know how to get along with other people. When a child has been raised as an only child, he may be more selfish, more self reliant, and not be able to share easily with others.

Of course, this is not true of all people. But, if you are planning on having kids in the near or even distant future you will want to live your life with a person who can get along with many other kinds of people. including children. When a person can talk to, and get along with children this is usually a good sign that you have met a “keeper.”


To find out if your boyfriend  is the right one, you will want to do the ultimate test; introduce your parents to your partner. While having your partner meet your parents, he may find that he has nothing in common with them, and that he feels he is making a mistake. Your father may be overprotective, and overbearing. Maybe your parents are more laid back, and charismatic. But you have a right to discover what you are getting into, and so does he. You are better off discovering what his family is like before allowing the relationship to become very serious.

Making sure tour boyfriend is marriage material is not that difficult, just use common sense, and perform a few necessary tests. If you are still unsure of your future partner, hold off on the relationship for a while to give the two of you time to think about what you really want in a relationship.Copyright (c), 2012, written by freelance author Kate Johns.


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