Monday, July 30, 2012

How to handle rude, crude, crass Internet comments by Kate Johns

I love reading the comments on my blogs. They are very entertaining. I will go as far to say, they are fun to read. They are rude, crude, kind, meaningful, sometimes meaningless, funny, well meant, and at times very immature.

I told one of my Facebook friends the other day, " People think it is okay to say whatever they want on the Internet, because it doesn't matter." But it does matter.You are talking to a real person who just poured their hearts out to a mass, unknown audience. You will also get a computer, not a real person, but yes many times there is a person on that other end reading what you just said! Kate Johns
After receiving rude, crude, immature crass comments, I decide how to handle them. I have decided to not let immature, petty people bother me.

When you search for a certain topic,coming across a writer's article, leaving a comment  means what I just wrote made you feel a certain way. When a person leaves a comment no matter what it is, that means my writing gave you the choice of reacting or not reacting.You can choose to send kind, inspirational words of encouragement, or you can choose to read what a writer says making rude, crass, immature comments.

I've read the comments people leave on numerous Yahoo stories. Usually they are rude, crude, demonstrating how seriously immature people really are.

You might think many of these rude, crude, immature comments have been made by young children, preteens playing games or young teens just having fun. But many times, it is an upset adult , or someone who is supposed to be an adult, thinking they are venting or telling you something you should know. Or it is someone who grew up using the Internet thinking it is okay to swear at other people. And many times it is an immature person sending low level, guttural garbage; trying to look tough to their friends!

Anyone of any age can make comments on the Internet; you just need an email, and a password, but when you swear, you reach new levels beyond the lowest of lows, that shows you have a problem----you are immature, rude, and crude.

 Now that I have been writing on the Internet for five years, I have seen many horrible writers and some so good I wonder why they haven't been grabbed up for lucrative book writing contracts. When I was writing for a certain website, a fellow writer, just learning the English language wrote a website email telling me to give up writing, and get another job.  After showing my husband the crude remark, he said, "You have made someone jealous. You need to expect crude comments as well as the good ones!"

After getting good grades in high school, and college for my writing, being told by one teacher, "You have a wonderfully analytical mind." Yet another teacher told me , "You are so amazingly creative." I decided that writing was what I wanted to do, and nothing will deter my long sought goals.
I'm going to keep writing, making some people laugh, others cry, and perhaps make others jealous or angry. I will not be deterred, by rude, crude, nasty, immature Internet comments!! COPYRIGHT 2012!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten things to do besides arguing about politics by Kate Johns

With the presidential election coming up this November (finally), people have been arguing about politics for what seems like four really long years now. Arguments abound in numerous forums everywhere: on TV news talk shows, on radio stations, on the Internet and even between kids younger than 18 on social networking sites. Adults have been telling each other who to vote for getting into heated arguments.

Even if we reach  that uncomfortable, we have nothing to talk about moment at a party, event, get together, or a family reunion, it's not worth it, to upset an older relative by asking, "So who are you going to vote for in November?"

That's why I came up with a list of of ten things to do besides arguing about politics:

1. Do not watch TV---the political ads are everywhere. They are very one sided, and will have you yelling at the TV. Read a book instead----but not one about politics.

2.Go for a walk. I suggest a long walk, to clear your head.

3. Work two jobs instead of just one. If you aren't already working two or three jobs to make ends meet in this lousy economy, with gas and food prices increasing daily, then get another job so you are so busy you can't possibly have the time to argue about politics.

4. At  social gatherings avoid talking about Mitt Romney and President Obama. Instead choose a neutral topic----like the weather, who the new judges will be on American Idol, cute kittens, puppies, or the seriously funny TV show----Big Bang Theory.

5.  Avoid arguing about politics by starting a new hobby like painting craft items, reading books.

6. Watch TV shows by buying DVD series of your favorite TV series such as----"The Sopranos", "Star Trek", "Star Wars". Buy, rent or view your favorite movies and TV shows on the Internet--- ad free!

7. This is the best time to start a new exercise program. Yoga, water workouts, walking or jogging can be done for low prices at your local YMCA. Dance at home to music you adore. Lift heavy books. Walk around the block---all alternatives to more expensive workout programs.

8. Besides arguing about politics, play a board game like Monopoly, word games, crossword puzzles, video games, or start a new game at home with family and friends.

9. Volunteer your time for organizations that need a helping hand such as your local pet shelter, church, Meals on Wheels, orphans, local hospitals. Volunteering for an organization, business may lead to a better job, and certainly will help to create a better resume.

10. Join online groups that make you happy. Join non-political groups, or Internet groups that are more narrowly focused!

Hoisting a few drinks isn't the only way you can stop arguing about politics. Divert your attention elsewhere such as talking to friends and relatives, read a book or two, listen to new music, or workout.