Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Congressman Anthony Weiner exposed to world by Kate Johns

Congressman Anthony Weiner is all over the news. The entire world knows what he did, how he did it, and where he did this. The only way you couldn't know is by living under a rock.
Okay let's recap---just in case you missed this exciting, enticing, disgusting, perverted story:
46 year old New York Congressman Anthony Weiner has become a historic figure by doing what guys do online that kids are told not to do, but do anyways for kicks. The Congressman showed his privates on the Internet. He exposed himself on line in picture form and talked about sex with younger women on the Internet. The thing is he had recently become married to his wife, who is a longtime Hillary Clinton aide.
Then the reality show continues with the Congressman exposing himself to the media as a fraud. Weiner is all over TV, the Internet, and the media defending him, saying he was framed. He basically said he didn't do it, someone else did. He actually thought we would believe him! He said he didn't call the police because he just didn't. But, Weiner insisted that he was innocent.
After Andrew Breitbart, a blogger turned media mogul, discovered A. W. was exposing himself to younger women on the Internet, he wrote about it on his website. He broke the story last week. Breitbart asked Anthony for an apology at the Congressman's press conference after calling Breitbart a liar.
Sounds like two little kids on a playground at this point in time.
Currently, Weiner says he will not step down from his public office.
But, he might have to because he is now being investigated by the Ethics Committee in Washington. They will try to find out if he was displaying his penis or doing anything unethical while in his office.
What!! You mean he can't get kicked out of his esteemed job for lying? You mean he can't get walked out of work by policemen because he lied to America, the world and most importantly his new wife?
It comes down to this people----the Congressman is a liar, and a cheat. He lied to his wife. He lied to his colleagues. He lied to you and me. And he blamed someone else for his porn problem.
There is major irony here---the Congressman had Bill Clinton officiate at his recent wedding. Come on, he had millionaire Mr. Liar Pants , (Bill Clinton) act as a minister at his wedding! you remember what Bill said-----"I did not have sex with that woman."
Weiner's antics go down, (sorry for the pun), in history as did Bill Clinton's antics.
Now Weiner is a comedian's best friend. A. W. may lose his job, his wife, his porn sites, and most importantly his ethics.
After all of this A. W. will probably not go to jail, and will become the butt of jokes for years to come. He will probably keep his great job, his great life, and do what his mentor Bill Clinton did----make millions for being a sex fiend.
What will Anthony W's book be called, "My Addiction Problem?" Think of the reality TV show possibilities, "Mr. Weiner comes to call." He could start his own porn website. Mark my words, the Congressman will triumph from here, making millions off of his public porn problem.
And he will probably be voted into political office again, with the Clintons by his lying, cheating side.

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