Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strange Pennsylvania Town Names

There are hundreds if not thousands of strange town names towns in the second  oldest state in the United States, of Pennsylvania. Many of the towns are over one hundred years old, many dating back even farther, to two hundred years old.

To people living in these strange sounding named towns, I am almost certain that these folks would not think a name such as Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania would sound odd. (Nope, Snooki, and the Situation do not live there.)You must understand that growing up in a certain area, you get used to the way things are. When you have relatives, and therefore ancestors that have been raised in a certain area, you  learn to accept the way things are.You have to admit these are some pretty strange, odd, and  weird names. As far as names go, some of these Pennsylvania town names are pretty cool then also as are:Hershey, Pennsylvania. I for one want to go to Hershey Pa, and buy and eat as many chocolate yummies as I possibly can.
Besides what's really wrong with naming a town after one of the best activities to engage in---Intercourse Pennsylvania?
Okay, here they are, strange Pennsylvania town names:
Big Beaver
Bird in Hand
Blue Ball
Corner Store, I think we drove through this town at one time, and laughed out loud at the sign stating the town name.
Drab----Finally, a truthful Pennsylvania resident named a town for what it really is.
Fear Not
Home---that's pretty simple, and this town was probably named when early settlers, pulled up in a horse drawn buggy, and tiredly declared, "Finally, we are home."
Jersey Shore, after reading this town's information, Jersey Shore Pa, was actually named after New Jersey. And because the river that runs through this small town, is located with the river being on the Jersey Shore side of town.
King of Prussia
Loyalsock---Drove to and through this town several times, and we love this name.
Moon Run
New Beaver
Red Lion
Almost forgot this town's name, Taylor Swift grew up here here, and was bullied by classmates, in
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. HAH! Who's laughing now, Wyomissing nasty people!!
That's all I've got for now. There are plenty of strange sounding town names, these just happen to be located in Pennsylvania. Copyright 2011 (c), written by Kate Johns a professional writer who has been freelance writing since 2004.

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