Monday, December 12, 2011

Four Really strange, but true news stories

Has the world gone completely and utterly nuts in the last couple of days?
Here are four really strange, but true news stories:

1. The lady making meth at a Walmart store. When I saw this one on TV, I could not believe it. A woman was spotted on surveillance cameras six hours after she had been making methampethamine at a Walmart store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What had me perplexed was why didn't anyone notice a person opening drug packages at Walmart, standing in a store aisle for six hours, mixing drugs together? That is sad, that no one noticed this happening. Store personnel did not notice what was going on. Customers did not notice anything out of the ordinary either? Where exactly could this woman set up her drug making shop? Did she grab what she needed on a shelf, sit down in a Walmart store  chair, and start mixing meth?

2.Another incredibly strange story that happened over the weekend, was this one in Pennsylvania. Seems that one guy wanted time off from work so badly, he faked his Mom's death. This guy faked her death , including faking an obituary so he could get some time off from work, for Christmas.(Maybe his boss is Ebeneezer Scrooge.) His mom found out, and walked into the newspaper office, telling the owner to cut it out. She told him she was very much alive. Thinking someone isn't getting any presents from Santa this year!

3. A 94 year old woman left 13 million dollars to her cat. Before she died in December of 2011, in Italy, Maria Assunta told her assistant she was a very lonely old woman. She was so lonely in fact, she scooped a stray cat from the streets of Italy, making Tommasso her soon to be wealthy kitty. Having noone else to give the money to, Assunta left her money to Tommasso making certain her assistant takes care of the cat for the rest of it's life.

This kitty is only one of several lucky pets who became millionaires due to their elderly owners leaving them entire estates due to having no relatives or long lost relatives. The richest pet currently is Gunther IV a German Shepard who was left 372 million dollars by his eccentric, German  Countess several years ago.

4.Strange news stories continue with total strangers paying off K-mart lay aways for other people because they want other people to have a Merry Christmas. When one lady tried doing this in Target, saying, "Pay it forward, " she was thrown out of Target and Walmart due to store employees thinking she was nuts. Oh well, K-mart customers benefited instead! Copyright (c), 2011, written by professional author Kate Johns.

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