Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mom Injects 8 year old daughter with Botox

A San Francisco mom injects her eight year old daughter with Botox several times a month to keep her face free of wrinkles to look beautiful for beauty pageants.


Kelly Campbell, a licensed beautician injects her 8 year old daughter, Britney with about four injections of Botox every month. Britney's mom said she is just trying" to keep Britney's face wrinkle-free." Britney's British mom said Britney competes in beauty pageants and must remain competitive.
At first Britney said that the injections hurt and she cried, but now she is more used to it, and doesn't cry, instead toughing it out.


Personally, I found this to be a borderline case of child abuse. Britney's mom is giving her child Botox treatments that adults pay for to obtain from certified plastic surgeons. I thought it is a sick thing to do to a child. This teaches an 8 year old that she is not good enough. She will probably grow up to be a very insecure adult. She will want to change her looks before her face and body mature enough to even know how she will truly look.


The thought in the back of my mind in this story is, (what you may have already said); why does an eight year old girl even need Botox injections? Do 8 year old kids have any wrinkles on their faces? Is Kelly Campbell sending a bad message to her daughter? Is she a good role model?
Is she sending a bad message to society?

Britney has told the media that her friends want to get Botox treatments, and are jealous of her.
After seeing this story on TV, and reading it online, I think Britney's mom is seeking attention for herself and her daughter so that she will get her fifteen minutes of fame. Copyright 2011, written by freelance author Kate Johns.

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Conny said...

They should throw her ass in jail and place Britney in foster care with a normal family Kate.
A child doesn't have wrinkles and certainly shouldn't get Botox injections.
In my opinion, these child beauty competitions should be outlawed.