Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony verdict is a travesty of Injustice.

An outrageous travesty of injustice has occured in the Casey Anthony verdict. When it comes to little children being murdered or harmed, I become one of those outspoken parents that can't stop myself from yelling at the TV, or telling anyone within earshot of how a horrible travesty of injustice has occurred.Even though I promised my husband, my family and myself that I would not jump on my soapbox like millions of other people, yelling like the crazed Nancy Grace talk show host, I can't stay quiet any longer.
Casey Anthony has been allowed to leave jail after serving three years for killing her two year old daughter Caylee. I am sickened at the thoughts this brings to my mind. I am the mother of two children, and I could never harm them, in fact, I am the mom that has been overprotective of my children to the point of being called a Hover mom.
Casey Anthony may or may not have killed her two year old daughter. In all fairness, the media had Casey Anthony guilty before the case hit the courtroom.
The Casey Anthony case had circumstantial evidence, and it was not proven who killed this adorable little girl.
But, what we the American people who did catch some of the Casey trial, we do know something is horribly wrong with the Anthony family.
The Grandmother of Caylee Anthony was the person who called 911 to say her Granddaughter was missing. From what I saw in a recap on TV the other night, Cindy, called 911 a full month after her Granddaughter was missing. To me, this says, Cindy and her husband, were covering up for Casey. From what I caught of the trial, Cindy, her husband and her son were all trying to cover up for Casey. They in fact were walking a very thin line of lying.
From what I know of the law, (I am not a lawyer), this is called purgery. A person who takes the stand in a courtroom, has to take an oath swearing on a Bible that he will "tell the truth and nothing but the truth."
It sounded like Cindy was doing everything she could to keep her daughter out of jail. She cried. She denied. And yes, she may have lied. From where I sit, as a regular person who caught glimpses of the trail, perhaps, Cindy and her husband should be charged with accessory to murder, murder, or at the very least, purgery.
What it comes down to is someone in the Anthony household killed that baby. The child was buried and several years later her bones were found . Casey Anthony ran from home, the home she lived in with her parents. She did not have a job. She bolted from her parents' home after her child was killed, drowned accidentally, or was at the very least, was not taken care of . We don't know what happened to this child. And we will never know.
But what I do know and you know also is that a child died, and someone should pay, besides taxpayers, for this travesty of injustice. Copyright 2011, (c), written by professional author Kate Johns.


Anonymous said...

Hi I do not agree with all of you!

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waiting for next post

Justice Seeker said...

I agree with you that I cannot be silent either! I don't have time to watch the entire trial, but I did see the opening argument of the state and part of the opening argument of Biaz. The state attorney presented fact after fact backed up by evidence, and lie after lie told by Casey. Casey is a pathological liar. She lied about having a job when she didn't during Caylee's entire life. Every day her story was different during those 30 days about her and her child's whereabouts, and they were all proven to be lies. It is abnormal for a mother to not report her child missing for 30 days,and it is extremely abnormal to lie to her own family about her child's whereabouts, right down to "Casey's nanny who kidnapped her," and lie to the police. This is all abnormal behavior of a Mother, as you and I know. I'm not even a Mother yet, but I want to be soon, and anyone with a true mother's heart knows that this is abnormal and bizarre behavior of a mother. This should be evidence that Casey had something to do with the murder of her child, along with this: there were searches done on the computer of her parents home (not sure if it was her computer) on 3 different days while her parents were working, on cholorform, duct tape, acetone, neckbreaking, and a shovel. It was also proven that the highest level of cholorform was in her trunk, along with the smell of human decomposition, along with Caylee's hair. A garbage bag was found by George in her trunk which obviously was put there to disguise the smell. But it didn't work. The real smell was still proven. 3 pieces of duct tape were put over Caylee's mouth and she died of suffocation. It was come unique duct tape...I'd like to know if the purchase was shown on-line...Did the state catch that one??? So many facts, so many lies, one after the other, day after day. I don't think Casey's Mother not reporting her grandaughter missing was a wrong thing on her part. She was trying to believe what her daughter was telling her during those 30 days. She was trying to treat her daughter as not only an adult but Caylee's Mother. But Casey fed Cindy a string of lies about their whereabouts, and finally Cindy couldn't take it anymore. Yes, I believe this family is dysfunctional, and I even believe that Casey was abused. But sadly, I believe that this murder of her own daughter was the outcome of that abuse. The other Anthonys may have their own issues, but to me, the issue at hand is Caylee and her Mother. What truly happened, only God knows...But I think that those of us with common sense, a brain, and a mother's instincts know that either Casey Anthony killed her own daughter or was an accessory of this murder with someone she knew. I am just praying now that truth and justice will still prevail on behalf of precious Caylee. The only thing that relieves me now about this whole sick thing is that Caylee is now safe and happy in heaven. But I'm still not giving up praying that truth and justice prevail on behalf of her life here on earth.

An artist/musician. said...

TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE!!! You can't say: Travesty of would mean the opposite....It would mean that it was fair.