Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is it better to be unemployed or employed?

Is it better to be unemployed or employed?
Currently in the United States the unemployment statistics are at about 8 percent. Current stats also say that only half of America is paying taxes.When you think about it, many millions of people would probably say it is better to have a job. But, with only half of Americans paying taxes, you might just have a stalemate when it comes to people having the desire to be employed or to be unemployed.

My husband would definitely fall into the category of he'd rather be employed. When he lost his job several years ago, I literally had to drag my husband out of the house, away from our land line phone, kicking and screaming to the neighborhood pool.
After settling in, with me embracing the glorious sunshine, my husband sat in a chair, flipped open a book on how to start a business, while the man who flopped down next to us, received a cell call.
The side of the conversation we heard went something like this, "Yeah, it's great, I'm getting unemployment for the entire summer. I'm kicking back, while my ex-wife works her butt off, and best of all, I don't have to pay child support for my kid."
I was disgusted, as I nudged my husband who was looking incredibly uncomfortable being out of his work element.

So, KT1Writes viewers--- is it better to be unemployed or employed? I'm only doing the more positive aspects, not the complaint----God, I would be here all day with the complaints!

Here are a few good aspects about having a job:
1. Get paid to work hard----job satisfaction.
2. Have pride, for yourself
3. Being responsible for yourself, your life, your home, kids, and society.
4. Life furthers itself. You can buy things, make bigger plans.
5. Life may be more rewarding when you are gainfully employed.

The positive aspects of being unemployed:
1. Becoming a beach bum.
2. Gaining more time with your family.
3. Time to develop another career.
4. Getting more sleep---maybe. But if you're anything like my hubby, you would get less sleep.
5. Finally get to see what goes on outside of work while slaving away for someone else.

Besides not having to pay taxes at least until next tax season is upon us, being unemployed may be the best thing in the world while you learn about all the things you missed out on while working. But, you may be the kind of person who is has a type tripe A personality that has to have a job, because as my husband said, "Being unemployed drove me crazy!" Copyright 2010, (c), written by freelance author Kate Johns.


Charlotte Howard said...

From a personal point of view, I'd rather work and earn my own way. Plus, when I'm not working I get bored. From a financial point of view (remember I live in the UK!) unemployment actually pays more...

KT1 WRITES said...

charlotte you are so right. It all comes down to a personal point of view. some people love being unemployed and some people hate it.

Anonymous said...

Difficult one. It would depend no money and job satisfaction. I was working in a call centre for one year and hated it, being unemployed and living off benefits was so much better. I wasn't stuck in the office, I had no real stress and just enjoyed the sunshine.