Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watching Sister Wives will Gross you out!

Was anyone as grossed out as I was while watching Sister Wives?
I was astonished, grossed out, and kind of curious as to how and why four women share one man.
Okay, first things first, here are the cast of players in a real life drama that is anything but boring:

Cody-----the husband of four women
Meri------The first wife of Cody, they have ond child together.
Jonelle----Is Cody's second wife. They have six children together.
Christine---Is Cody's third wife; until recently his last wife. She is kind of upset at being pushed aside for the new wife.
Robyn----Cody's fourth wife. She is the youngest, brings three kids to this huge freaky, relationship. Currently she is pregnant with Cody's 17 child.

Watching Sister Wives grossed me out.I found myself shaking my head, feeling like an old spinster sitting on her front porch watching a young couple making out on the front lawn.
If you have not watched Sister Wives yet, you have to watch this show to discover what it is like to be in a relationship with one man and four women.
I have to say, No, I don't feel sorry for Cody for having four wives, and 17 kids. He is the one who decided to marry four women after all. Yes, this is an alternative lifestyle. It's kind of like going back to the 1960's where men would have several girlfriends at once, as hippies lived an alternative lifestyle of having love-ins, doing drugs, living in a commune.

But, having multiple wives goes back farther than we are aware of with people of certain religious affiliations having as many wives as possible so that they can have as many kids as possible.
Men in other countries such as Kings have had several wives at once.

Does this make Cody a King? Not by any stretch of the imagination. My husband thinks he is crazy, calling Cody, "The poor moron."
After watching Sister Wives viewers will see how Cody runs from house to house as this extended family now lives in Las Vegas. You see in Sister Wives, Cody, his four wives and their numerous kids ran out of Utah due to Cody being a fugitive of the law.

Viewing Sister Wives will give you a look into multiple marriages, sharing, caring and in fighting between the wives. Cody on the other hand must be drinking tons of caffeinated beverages, taking steroids or doing illegal substances in order to stay awake long enough to father 17 kids, talk to, fight with, and have sex with four women.
Sister Wives is similar to watching a real life soap opera, is kind of interesting, and might make you feel lonely as you look around your home seeing that you only have two kids, not 17.

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Anonymous said...

yes i agree 100%, way disturbing. ew