Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten ways to get your boyfriend's/spouses attention besides poisoning him by Kate Johns

Here's an outrageous story of how a Pennsylvania woman poisoned her boyfriend by putting Visine in his water " to get his attention,"  when it was originally written on Yahoo most people figured this woman needs psychiatric help, because she lost all contact with reality, or she was trying to lie her way of going to jail.

Here are ten ways to get your spouses/boyfriend's attention without putting Visine in his drinks:

1. Talking  oh so sweetly, to your spouse might do the trick. Say in a really nice voice, "Honey, could you sit next to me so we can cuddle?"

2.  Use electronic gadgets to chat with your spouse/boyfriend. Texting is a convenient option. Sexting is an option to use when young children are not lingering about.

3. Holding up a sign will gain your loved one's attention.

4. Flirting with your boyfriend is a great way to get his attention. It's also a great way to get a guy's attention at a bar, club!

5. Rubbing your guy's neck or back works incredibly well!

6. Getting your spouse a drink of non poisoned Visine will get his attention. A beer or glass of wine will make him feel relaxed, and hopefully happier.

7. Dressing sleazy will get your man's attention. Wearing clothing with some cleavage  showing or super short shorts.

8. Get your boyfriend/spouse's attention by writing a message on the mirror ----using lipstick!

9. Besides poisoning your guy, make him cupcakes, brownies, or cake.

10. Get your boyfriend/spouse's attention by getting your hair cut a completely different way.
Of course there are many more ways of getting your boyfriend's/spouse's attention that are safer than poisoning him with Visine such as cooking a really good dinner, sending him I miss you emails, and doing something sexy!! COPYRIGHT 2012!!

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