Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bieber Arrest was a Scam, and Here's Why!!

The whole thing of Justin Bieber getting arrested was a scam. Yup you read it right! I'm saying it was a scam.
Bieber's publicity people are trying to make Bieber look like a thug, cool, hip, like he is a bad boy.

Come on just look at that mug shot------it's fake, fake I'm telling you, fake!!

Why was he wearing orange prison garb for his prison pic?
Why is he not holding up a a mug shot i.d. number that we see on all of the other celebrities pics?

Why is Bieber smiling? Why is his hair so perfect?
Is he so cool jail doesn't bother him?
Why isn't he crying like every other person does when they go to jail?
Come on people, think about it, why is Bieber's hair so perfect?

It's a publicity ploy so big that this is blowing what Miley Cyrus did at the  VMA's right out of the water.

Why weren't any pictures taken of Bieber walking out of jail?

Where was Miley to welcome him out of jail?

This scam of a publicity ploy is working because Bieber paid a mere 2, 000 bucks to get out of jail, and is laughing all the way to the bank. Justin Bieber is getting FREE, yes I said free publicity, free media attention. Bieber is on every newstation across America, I saw it all this morning while eating my Cornflakes.
His publicity peeps are probably loving how they pulled this one off.
Fake is what this is---a scam on the world so the attention is taken away from other stars, onto Bieber!
Just waiting to see what publicity seeking attention ho's are doing next to make us forget our troubles?
Well played Biebs, well played!

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