Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Learning Experience Building New Website with Husband!

This is not fun. I am the person who loves to write. I've never built a website before.
I decided instead of doing what we usually do on January first, (going shopping for stuff we don't really need) I wasn't going to waste more time, and we would build a website in one day.

Good luck with that!! I've never built a website before. My husband has and knew more about this building website stuff than I could ever know.
It was not a fun experience. It was more like a learning experience. I learned that a husband and wife who have different opinions should not be in the same room together for five hours building a website.
I wanted it one way, and he who shall not be named wanted it another way. I had to remind my hubby that the website is for my business, not his, and off we went to the fighting ring.
He yelled at me, I swore at him and our 14 year old, put on her headphones, went downstairs saying, "You people are crazy."
I know I have to do things I have been avoiding for years, but building a website? UGH---it's like climbing MT Everest to me. I don't know anything about HTML code, and guess what I don't care about it either.
But we did make progress today. I made some major decisions days ago and we worked on getting the basic template together, the main categories up, a basic brand, name, and other major fixtures in place.

This website building stuff is hard work.
My hubby turned to me at one point in time, saying, "I thought you knew how to use Wordpress, why don't you know how to put a website on here?" I told him, "It's not the same thing, Google blogger and Wordpress make it seriously easy for a person to start basic blogs on their sites."

We still have another website to build, and I'm thinking of all of the things I want to write about.
I guess I'm learning all about patience and working together by building a website with my hubby!

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