Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to have a cheap company Christmas party.

Number two- Tell employees to chip in to pay for the party. Your Scrooge-like employer will not have to pay for the entire affair. This may mean the difference between raises, a party, or letting someone go.
Number three- Have a work related party at the boss's home, or a co-worker's home. Once again, everyone can bring a dish of food to pass, and a bottle of alcohol. This way you get to have a party and don't have to pay all the expenses that go with a club, bar or restaurant.

Number four- Have the party at happy hour at a club or bar. You can get free appetizers, cheaper prices on drinks, and still everyone gets to have a good time outside of the workplace.
Number five- Plan on having the work party after Christmas during a slower time of year, such as in January. At this time, many restaurants, and clubs will be begging for business, and your office can get lower prices than offered at Christmas time.

Number six- Save money on a work holiday party by trading business for the party. In other words, your business can give something to the restaurant, bar or club in exchange for the Christmas party. Depending on what kind of business you work at, you might be able to set up a very sweet deal!

Number seven-Save money on a work holiday party by doing something completely different. Don't have a regular, Christmas party. Instead throw a sledding party, or a party at the boss's home. Everyone can make snowmen, and ice-skate on a homemade ice skating rink.

Number eight- Have the holiday party during the warmer months and rent out a shelter at a park, picnic site, or at the beach. Why not, it's cheaper then renting a large room at a club. You might even be able to afford to buy tickets to a baseball game.

Number nine- Instead of having a Christmas party, splurge for the staff to go to a holiday show, or a holiday concert. You can even get a discount rate on a large order. Community Theater is cheaper than big city theater productions!

Don't be a total business Scrooge this year, have a company Christmas party, with proper prior cheapo planning!! Copyright 2010, written by Kate Johns, who has been writing professionally since 2004.

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