Friday, November 5, 2010

How to get your reality TV show on TV

How do you become a reality television star? Be creative, baby, be creative. You have to sell your show to big television executives as a completely different concept. That's what they are looking for. Just by watching the reality TV shows coming down the pike, I can tell you that all it takes is being, and doing something totally different.

Oh yea, and you have to go for the sleaze content of having big breasts, long blond hair and the ability to promote yourself to the extreme!

Regular, everyday people have become the focus of reality TV shows, such as MTV's Jersey Shore,and the creepy Sister Wives. With just a little twist; you have to bring that something extra to the plate. You have to be weird, different, strange, sleazy, sexy, or have a totally different angle. You must have a reason to be on the show. That's probably why millions of people tuned in to watch Paris Hilton strut around saying, "That's hot," on her reality TV show with Nicole Ritchie.

You don't have to be a star, baby. Not any longer. You can be a regular promotional machine in order to become a reality TV show star. But you have to bring something different to the show, such as "The Housewives of Atlanta." On the TV show,  "19 Kids and Counting, " for example, the two parents are raising 19 kids. It's interesting to watch this show, because you see how two parents have dealth with having 17 kids, and how they grew to 19 kids in a few short years.

You can do it too! (Probably not having the kids part.) You need to find an audience you will identify with. You also need to live a life that is interesting. Besides showing some cleavage off, or falling into bed, and making it a contest, where there is a will and a need, there's a way.

Start a show of your own by filming it, and touting it to TV executives. Promote your show on the web with the help of Facebook and Twitter. You Tube snippets of your show to an audience, and garner attention, possibly going viral.

You can do something completely different from the current roster of shows of being a rock star, or a Mom with an attitude from a large city. You just need to think of who you are, and why your life is different from other people's lives. You need to fill a certain niche area. Possibly there's a new aspect out there to sell to TV producers with a family that lives on a boat or on a bus, or how one person survives in the wilds of Alaska, sort of like Sarah Palin tried to do on her reality TV show. Copyright (c), 2010, written by Kate Johns a professional author since 2004.

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