Friday, November 12, 2010

Overprotective Society taking Freedom Away

Did you notice how companies are recalling everything these days from cat litter that may not clump, to cars having brake problems, to baby strollers that don't stroll?
Is it any wonder why so many people are riding motorcycles with their motorcycle Mamas hanging on the back, with the wind blowing through their hair? Do we think twice about people moving away from large cities into rural pastures to gain their freedom back? No, we don't. We are all too busy watching or listening to the media telling us what has been recalled now, and how big government has come up with yet another law clamping down on our freedom.
Society as a whole has become too overprotective. Each new generation growing up is taught from birth about the dangers that befall our lives. Just the other day I saw on one of the news stations that a blind manufacturer was recalling the blinds because babies and small children could get caught in the cord. The question is where were his parents,in the first place?
We have become a society that is allowing not only our personal freedom to be taken away, but we are allowing companies and government to rule if not ruin our lives. Kids are too afraid to go outside to play. Instead they stay inside where it is "safe" hanging out searching the Internet for more friends, and create sexy videos like they see on TV, and the Internet.

Society has become too complacent by allowing someone else to dictate what is correct for us as a society. Do we need government telling us to go back to school? Do we need local officials telling us we can't smoke in our own homes? Do we really want our kids inside 24-7, experimenting with everything electronic, instead of going outside enjoying life's freedoms?

Way back in the time machine of life, Americans were allowed to drive their cars, while not wearing seat belts. People were allowed to smoke cigarettes at work. Dogs were given the freedom to bark all night long, and kids could go outside and jump in a pile of leaves without fear of getting dirty, or worrying about texting their parents.

We have become an overprotective society. Cellphones are the new babysitters. Your car has been recalled. A camera may be watching your every move as you slave away at your desk at work, Your computer may be monitored by your boss at work. Copyright 2011, (c), written by freelance author Kate Johns.

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