Friday, November 19, 2010

Business:How to Save Money By Going Green

With today's tough economy and rising costs, it's becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to make ends meet. There is a way to turn a profit these days; the answer is by going green. Whatever you want to call it, recycling, environmentalism, people have been doing this for years creating alternative business opportunities.

Sell, and or produce green products, such as green cleaning products, green methods of growing and producing food, or methods for utilizing recycling technology. Many businesses are created every day by making reusable products such as cotton robes, clothing, towels, and by starting a business that centers on lending their services to other businesses in how to become green. Just think a business can be created offering their services to give a company a complete going green makeover.
How to Save Money in Business by Going Green by Kate Johns

A business will save major bucks by having the entire office staff telecommute. Telecommuting can save a business thousands of dollars every month that really adds up! This way with the staff working from home, the employer has lower electric and gas costs. With employees working from home the employer doesn't have to pay for electricity use for lights, computers, fax machines, telephones, etc. A business can save as much as 50 percent a year by having its employees work from home.

Conducting all business correspondence electronically, can save the company major costs once again across the board. No longer will stacks of paper be needed to send interoffice mail, and business letters to co-workers and business clients. Employees will be able to conduct business with the aid of the Internet and by utilizing e-mail. Expensive paper will no longer be necessary and the cost of doing business will lower. And the business will do their part to save the trees.

Create ways to save money and make a profit by going green. Any business can save money in this manner, it just takes a little thought and creativity. If you need any more help with this matter, you can hire me as your new Manager of Green Savings. Copyright 2010, (c).       

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