Friday, November 11, 2011

Fire all the Penn State football coaches by Kate Johns

Fire all the football coaches at Penn State. Do you remember when you went to school,when one kid did something unintelligent, and the entire class was punished? Do you remember your teacher ever saying something along the lines of: Considering that John, (for example), is eating candy, he needs to share his candy with the entire class?

Considering that 84 year old Joe Paterno was fired for being the coach of the Penn State football team during the time Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach, then yes, I am making the bold, non-liberal, or perhaps it is liberally minded statement, that all of the Penn State coaches should be fired.
Doesn't it make sense to say that every coach who was gainfully employed at the time when Jerry Sandusky was assistant coach and when he was allegedly raping young boys; the coaches that are still working for Penn State should all be fired?

The new Interim Coach of Penn State's football team is Tom Bradley, who worked under Joe Paterno, for thirty years, as did several other coaches still employed by Penn State. While understanding the need to have a coach to finish out the football season, Penn State needed to place a person in the job of coach. But, why would you replace one person who knew what was going on with another person that may have known what was going on? For all any of us know, the entire football coaching staff and several or all of the school personnel,(professors, esteemed vice presidents, etc) all may have known what horrible things were going on.

Therefore the entire coaching staff should be fired as soon as the season is officially over. New staff should be hired with a criminal assessment record completed during the recruitment process.

What I am seeing is Joe Paterno is taking the fall for his inaction, although he did tell his boss, and now  from what I've heard campus police who did not take action. The president of Penn
State did not take action either, and we probably will never know if he knew what was going on or not.

But my main point is all of the coaches who were working at the time Jerry Sandusky was allegedly raping young boys , and the coaches still  employed at Penn State should all be fired. They may know too much. The new current coach is just as responsible for taking corrective action against Sandusky as Joe Paterno was. So too are all the coaches on the staff who knew what was going on. Isn't it said, that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Jerry Sandusky was never fired from his job as assistant coach, he was forced to retire, but was still allowed access to the college. In all fairness, Sandusky should have been fired, unless Penn State was just trying to sweep this mess under the rug, as should be all of the other coaches employed at the time Sandusky was committing his crimes. If one person is responsible for another person's actions, by not firing Sandusky, then the entire coaching staff should be held responsible, as well.

Three months after Coach Paterno's firing, Paterno died, and all of Penn State's-- State College coaches were indeed fired. Meanwhile Jerry Sandusky is on trial for raping numerous young boys. Currently he is not allowed to even see his grand kids.

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