Saturday, November 5, 2011

Twelve New Reality TV Shows

When my husband nodded off the other night at nine, I was allowed the freedom to watch what I wanted on TV.  Oh joy, of joys. Do you know what this meant? This meant I could watch what I Kate Johns wanted on TV. Searching through the numerous cable channels, I found many new reality TV shows. What I should have done was climbed the stairs getting a  book to read , instead of watching three reality TV shows at once.

Considering that my husband watches super dull reality TV shows, or a detective thriller, which usually bores me into finding something else to do, I realized that I had control of the TV remote, and I could freely use it. So, I channel surfed for two hours, not really finding anything worth watching, but I did discover twelve new reality TV shows, on my night of TV freedom. Kate Johns

Here are twelve reality TV shows adding to my biggest reality TV show list:

1. Amazing Race 19
2. American Guns
3. American Hoggers 
4. Bomb Patrol Afghanistan
5. Bordertown Laredo
6. Gold Rush
7. Hillbilly Handfishin'
8. Flying Wild Alaska
9.   Monster in Laws
10. Project Accessory
11. Swamp People
12. Why Am I Still Single?

There you have it, twelve new reality TV shows, with one being older due to it being called Amazing Race 19. But next season, it will probably be called amazing Race 20----which will be another new show.Copyright 2011---this means you can't use this information for any purpose without my express written consent!!

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