Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grossest Hoarders yet; Man lives in cat poop and cat piss! by Kate Johns

Did anyone catch Hoarders on Halloween evening?It was on at nine, after trick or treating. It was the grossest one yet. I didn't think Hoarders could get any grosser. It was so disgusting, I had to leap across the room, grab the remote and switch it off. In fact, I turned off the TV, and got ready for an early bedtime.

This episode of  Hoarders was so gross, I'm rating it a 20 out of 10. A man, (Didn't get his name, too grossed out), was living with so many cats, they could not all be counted. This desperately mentally ill man, (calling him the Cat Hoarder), was living in cat urine, and cat feces. The urine and cat poop was mixed together in his house, combining to make a horrifyingly gross mixture of utter revulsion. I'm getting  chills up and down my spine right now as I reflect on this show. His house was so bad, the cat urine was eating away the house walls. It was so horrid, even the cats were stepping gingerly through the liquid-mess.

The cats were walking through this horrid mess, (thank God we don't have smell-o-vision). The cats  had been strays Hoarders man grabbed off the streets, were sickly, skinny, dirty, smelly,  and flea infested. In other words, the Cat Hoarder who thought he was helping stray cats was doing them more harm by taking them into his house. His friends, authorities and therapist, were finding dead, squished cats all over the house. My thought was how does a person sleep in a house like this, let alone eat, walk through, sit, or breathe?

It was so bad, the health department, and the SPCA were at his front door trying to declare it the third ring of hell!

I don't know if they declared the house another Love Canal health disaster, but public officials should have dragged the Cat Hoarder out of the house, bulldozing the house left behind. Like I said, I didn't watch the entire Hoarders episode, because I was too grossed out. Which leaves one wondering, how do other human beings get to be this mentally ill? What awful things happened to these poor Hoarders leaving them wounded souls, that they turn to hoarding as a method of making themselves feel better?

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