Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to increase your energy levels in the morning

Isn't it strange how some people bound out of bed in the morning happy to be alive? You wonder where these people come from, and how they get  out of bed with a smile adorning their faces, as you pull the warm, comfortable, soothing blankets up to your chin. Although it might irritate you, you've probably wondered where they get all that energy so early in the day, and how you can acquire even a smidgen of that energy level in the morning.


Besides drinking a gallon of  coffee every morning, try thinking positive thoughts to increase your energy levels in the morning. Working a job you enjoy will of course help immensely.Thinking negative thoughts, and being a negative person places your body at risk for low energy levels and for having a bad day. Negative thinking makes life harder to live. Thinking positive thoughts is very much like turning on the spigot allowing sunshine to radiate throughout your mind and your body. Positive thinking allows for your day and your morning to be happier, easier and more enjoyable. That must be why, the old saying, "smile and the whole world smiles with you", is true.


Every day do something positive, fun, stimulating, or relaxing that you really want to do. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bedroom getting away from your life partner, and needy children, then go for it! You deserve to have something to look forward to every day. Therefore,schedule time to do something you want. This could be anything from exercising, going for a walk, bike riding, or reading a magazine. By giving your self something to look forward your morning will be filled with more energy as will your entire day.


Increase your energy levels in the morning by exercising in the morning instead of at night. Experts agree that exercising gives a body more energy. When people exercise at night, they are gaining energy at the wrong time. That's why you should not exercise at night, because all those positive endorphins may be keeping you awake.But when you exercise in the morning, you will be waking your body up in a more natural manner, and you will be gaining more energy.

Increase your energy levels in the morning by going to bed at a regular time every night. Try eating a healthy breakfast, exercising, and drinking a caffeinated beverage of choice. Think happy thoughts, look forward to much needed me time, and enjoy your morning as well as your entire day! Copyright, 2012, (c).


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