Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swear words should be banned from the Internet

The other day I was so grossed out, when I looked up an article I had written years ago, asking the question when is it okay for teens to have sex? All I did was write two words into Google's search engine----"teen sex" There were thousands upon thousands of pages about every kind of teen sex known to man.That's why I was so grossed out. Topping the Google list was a four letter word I can't say here. On the bottom of the page Google had written: "One of the page views, has been deleted." Every kind of swear word naming all kinds of s-e-x was here, displayed on Google, for anyone interested to look it up. It seemed as though I had stepped into a male dominated sports team locker room where all the guys were super macho, hyped up on testosterone laden drugs.

I felt so grossed out, I thought of this blog entry and banning any pictures about underage kids doing the nasty. Swearing and pornography should be banned from the Internet. The Internet has slowly evolved into an arena for people of all ages to jump on to find friends, find a soul mate, sell their stuff, further their careers, and promote their lives and careers. Every age group is surfing the net, looking for something that may or may not be out there. But millions of kids under a certain age are perusing the Internet playground. Even regular TV still filters out several swear words. (Not many, but they still ban several swear words, and sexual situations.)

After all, our kids peruse the Internet. They can see and learn all the swear words on the Internet. When my oldest child was still in high school, he told me that whenever he went on the Internet at school, almost every site he tried to get on was blocked from view by the education system. I think I said, "Thank God." out loud. We as parents, should still be able to protect our kids against something in this world. Do we really need seven year olds wandering around parroting back swear words that they saw on the Internet while talking to their friends on Facebook?

Kids need to be kids! Our children don't have to grow up and face reality before they start middle school. Do little  kids really need to sound like high school aged kids before they are old enough to type those swear words into a computer?

The next questions are who will ban swear words from the Internet? This leads to how will they be banned?  This also leads to how will teens be banned from viewing sex, and pornography on the Internet? Why not utilize the creative talents of computer geniuses(kids), who can develop software making tools to be installed into every computer when they are sold in stores. This will create jobs, aiding the economy of the world. An agency will be commissioned to devise the word swearing ban.

Can you see teens asking for old computers for Christmas instead of brand new computers with all the new features? Copyright 2012, (c).

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