Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things you should never reveal on Facebook

Things you should never reveal on Facebook---

Facebook has become one of the the most popular methods for socializing in the world. Having over 800 million users, Facebook commands the ultimate party scene. People can get carried away utilizing this social networking arena by giving away personal information to thousands of people, many of whom they do not really know. The rules of socializing still apply on Facebook, even though many of these are what your mom already told you.

Having become firmly entrenched on Facebook, having a great time connecting with old friends and making new friends, this is not the time to show that birthday suit. In fact, a man was recently jailed for posting naked pictures of his girlfriend on Facebook as a get-back, when they broke up. The lesson learned here is, don't post naked pictures of anyone, a friend or even a foe on Facebook. The possibility exists that a person could go to jail, or become the subject of harassment, or bullying.


Thinking safety comes in large numbers while searching, and commenting on the Internet is not true. Above all, Facebook users, do not include a personal address on the profile page. Anyone of the 800 million Facebook users can view a person's profile information. Do not include that vital piece of information, or only allow some profile information to be seen.The real life events of the Craig's List killer have already taken place, a person doesn't want to be the subject of the story, "The Facebook Killer"


Listing cell phone number means all of your Facebook friends can see it and have the potential to use it. Do you want everyone to have that personal information? That means a friend of a friend, or someone recently added to your friend's list has access to your personal cell number. Reconsider giving out a home, or cell phone number to a vast audience. Giving out a phone number to total strangers could mean getting harassing phone calls in the middle of the night, and receiving suggestive phone calls from a "weirdo".


Never reveal to Facebook users when you are going on vacation. Never reveal when you are going to be home alone or when you are going out, leaving the house empty, and don't tell Facebook viewers when older children will be home alone. It's a scary Internet world we live in today. Even when an address is not listed in the profile section of Facebook, people have other ways of discovering an address. Unscrupulous people may come to a home while you are having a great time in a warm, tropical locale, robbing your home.


A social security number is assigned to newborn babies, but that doesn't mean a sucker was born on the day you signed up with Facebook.Do not place your social security number on the profile section of Facebook. Do not fall prey to anyone asking for a social security number on Facebook either. Many times while applying for a job, a social security number is not needed, anymore.

The Internet can be a scary place, especially for younger children, who don't have the life experience to deal with Internet predators. Don't list personal information, or say or do anything you may regret on Facebook. Considering future employers are surfing Facebook looking to find what kind of employee you might be, don't do it..Stay safe out there in cyberland, Facebook users! Copyright(c)2012, written by freelance author Kate Johns

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