Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black bears walk onto local live news show

We have black bears walking on to our local live TV news, bet you can't top that!

I was relaxing watching our local news here in the Pennsylvania countryside,(WNEP TV), when the commercial break ended. Coming back after the break to the two local anchors, they looked strangely at each other and then the one anchor said, "Well we were going to do the weather outside now, but can't because we have some visitors wandering around on our set. Our meteorologist came inside, not because of the bad weather. He came in because there are several black bears wandering around our set."
Then they cut to the meteorologist talking in full speed, about how he was preparing for the weather cast when a large, black Mama bear and her two cubs wandered onto their weather forecasting set, that has a patio look to it, complete with a rock wall, patio chairs, a running stream, and several bird feeders.

The camera crew showed the three bears wandering around looking for food to eat. Mama bear was sniffing the bird feeders and the air for food, as her cubs followed obediently behind her.
My husband was organizing his belongings for work the next morning, when I saw this happening, and I yelled, "You have to see this!" My husband said, "What?" So I yelled to him again; "You're missing it, there are bears taking over the local newscast!" So, after much complaining that I was ruining my husband's nightly routine, he ambled into the living room surveying the TV. Then we both started to laugh as we watched the three bears wander the local weatherman's TV set sniffing for food.

What was truly amazing was that the bears were not bothered in the least by the presence of the large outside TV news lights, cameras and the people that had just been standing outside two minutes before while the bears made their grand entrance. The weatherman was obviously excited by the bears' TV appearance, and said, "I was getting my weather cast ready when I heard a rustling and strange noises right behind me." "When I turned around I saw the bears coming through the trees on our set, and I ran like I stole something."

My husband and I laughed along with the two anchors who warned the viewing audience not to stick around when bears are in the area. They said, "Do not feed any bears, especially Mama bears with cubs. They  may look cute, but are very dangerous." Copyright 2012, (c).

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