Friday, May 31, 2013

What is your Internet Image?

Who really are your Internet friends?

Perusing the Internet the other day, I started thinking about what images people can project onto the Internet. You really do not know who or what you are dealing with, do you?

You could have become best friends with some pervert, or a really awesome, terrific, but cynical person like me. Perhaps, you have social networked yourself into a relationship with a total geek, who has projected an image of being a sports-minded guy, who is very muscular, and attractive.
Do you really know who you are talking to when you connect with, comment, blog, or e-mail a friend you made on the Internet?

You can't see who you are really talking to, so there is no way you can tell what this person is really like. That's a scary proposition when you work at home and conduct almost all of your business on the Internet. It's not like doing business before Al Gore invented the Internet, where people talked to each other on phones or conducted their business in person.
Therefore, you and I can project images of ourselves on the Internet establishing ourselves as different people. This can either be a really good thing, really weird, or simply; just plain creepy.

But what I'm going to do is post a picture of Giselle Bunchden on my Facebook profile, on my writing sites and everywhere else. So, from now on you may refer to me as Giselle, (the super supermodel). That means I am married to a wealthy, muscular, good looking hunk of a football player. I am a beautiful woman with a great body, that makes millions of dollars a year, even more than my husband, and I don't do housework or change diapers. This also means I am too good for Victoria's Secret lingerie and I am too gorgeous for this blog. Copyright2012(c), written by Kate john sa freelance author since 2004.

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