Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stop wasting time watching TV

Recently I made a decision; I refuse to watch much, if any TV. It is not worth my time to waste being held captive watching some boring, stupid TV show.
Held captive is exactly what it is. Unless you are doing something else, like my kids do where they play handheld video games, do homework, or listen to music watching ANY TV show is no longer worth it.
It is a complete waste of time. An hour long TV show, is actually only about 40 minutes long. Just think what you can do in twenty minutes;wash the dishes, go for a walk, get a workout in, go to bed earlier.
What did it for me? I discovered I was wasting two hours or more every morning by turning on the TV. I also discovered I was watching two or three hours with my family every night. Can you say, boring? Can you say, we are in a rut? No thanks! If my husband wants to sit in front of the idiot box for two or more hours every night, that's fine. But I think it is a huge waste of time.
Watching a half hour show, actually comes out to 22 minutes of viewing time, sometimes less when the show is really popular like The Big Bang Theory. The other day, the deal was cemented for me when I got up late one Sunday morning. I nestled into my comfortable chair after getting some housework done. I started watching a Weather Channel show. It looked interesting, because it was about the myths surrounding tornadoes.
I'd rather read about science and history rather than having someone explain it to me. This show aggravated me into turning off the TV, getting a shower ,and going out of the house.
Thank you Weather Channel!
 Every new myth they mentioned had a long set up. They explained the myth, then toyed with it, introduced an  upcoming myth and went to five minutes of ads. The show was 60 minutes long. It could have been 30 minutes long. After watching for 30 minutes, I turned off the TV. I had enough of the set up, the explanation, a preview of another myth. Then they would go back to the myth, review it, talk about it, like we just tuned in and have no clue as to what is going on.
That was it for me, I turned it off and vowed to not watch any more TV shows I really did not want to watch. No wonder people fall asleep watching TV.
Many people do two or three things at once, like getting the kids ready for bed with their favorite show on. We have cable TV, with a DVR where the shows are recorded and within 24 hours. We can watch the show, without commercials. Another way around watching commercials, and wasting time is to watch your favorite TV shows on the Internet. In my house, we just discovered Netflix and are watching movies and TV series in much less time. We also discovered it is cheaper to pay the eight bucks a month than to go to the store to pick up a movie. We aren't tempted to go into the store picking up a few things. We are also watching TV shows we want to watch some of which are very well done.
It is also incredibly awesome to watch a TV show in fifty minutes instead of two hours.
Who has all that time to waste? There are many other things to do like getting housework done, doing homework, writing, reading a book, or watching what you really want on You Tube, or reading a blog post without commercial interruption. I am no longer held captive by lengthy, badly produced TV shows, long commercial breaks, and advertisers trying to make a buck.
Copyright(c) 2013, written by Kate Johns, a freelance author since 2004.

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