Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eight disgusting things John Edwards did, that we know of!! by Kate Johns

Former presidential candidate John Edwards has become a disgusting, egotistical maniac, And that's putting it nicely. I am so disgusted with John Edwards. He is corrupt, has no morals, no values and is using his eldest daughter to still try to make him look good.
Simply put----he is disgusting. He is grossing me out! He should be grossing you out too!!
Without going into a seriously long post about all the gross, disgusting things Edwards did, here are eight disgusting things John Edwards has done, (that we know of):

1. He had an affair with a woman while married to his wife.
2. He had a baby with a Riehl Hunter while married to his wife, Elizabeth.
3. He had an affair with a woman while married to his wife who had cancer.
4. He had an affair with Riehl Hunter who had his baby while his wife was dying of cancer, while the "insert swear word here," was  running for President of the United States.
5. John Edwards asked his aides to lie for him while running for president to his wife,and to the American public.
6.John Edwards allegedly used campaign money to support his mistress, hiding her from the public.
7. John Edwards used his children to run for political office, and is still using his eldest daughter in place of his dead wife to make himself look good.
8. While lying to his wife, and his family, okay he wasn't lying he just cheated on his dying wife---he ran for president and had his wife's undying support along the way.

Does that sum it up for you?
If there is any justice or moral fiber left in America, John Edwards shoudl go to jail for a long time.
The only good  things I can say  is John Edwards is giving the media pundits, and talk show hosts a lot of great jokes to punch up their TV and radio shows!
And John Edwards is taking the harsh limelight away from our current presidential election.

As Edward's trial moves on, I am quite certain we will discover more disgusting things John Edwards has done.

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