Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Common sense reasons why you may be obese, and what you can do about it by Kate Johns

42 percent of people in America are obese.
Why  are so many millions of people are overweight.----people are doing less. People are moving  less, they are using their bodies less, and are not using as many muscles to do ordinary things anymore.
Even Ellen DeGeneres said jokingly on her show, that people used to be thinner a long time ago, because they moved around more often.
But what Ellen said is one hundred percent true, people are moving, and doing  less.

People are sitting at computers, sometimes eight or more hours a day working at an office or at home, Many times people come home from work, and sit down at their computer looking things up, socializing etc.
Generally people are getting less exercise because we are using remotes to do everything for us. We are changing TV channels by the click of a remote instead of getting up, walking over to the TV and changing the channel. We are listening to music as Ellen suggested by using a computer, an iPod, cellphone, or other electronic device. No longer do we get up and walk over to our stereos physically changing the records, 45's, CDs, or tapes, because we use a remote to do it, or we have it attached to our bodies.

What can you do about this obesity dilema?
Put your iPod, cellphone, remote across the room so you have to get up and get it for starters!
We carry more electronic items with us, instead of running to the phone to answer it. We carry our iPods or cellphones with us talking to them telling them to play a certain song, order food, call a friend, make an appointment. Essentially we carry our lives with us, but we no longer get up from where we are sitting to make that phone call from our land line phones.
Considering that we are doing less as a society and we are staying in our homes more, we are venturing outside less to go for walks, talk to our neighbors, run outside in nasty weather to start the car--- there's a device for that, and probably a new cellphone app for that too.

We drive cars that parallel park for us, roll down the windows and pop the hood for us. We drive through a car wash, paying an automated machine to wash our cars for us, instead of washing our cars ourselves. We just sit in the safety and warmth of our cars without moving a muscle. Many of us, do  less physical yard work; we use riding mowers, instead of old fashioned push mowers.
We use power washers to wash our decks, patios, sidewalks, and house siding instead of sweeping or scrubbing those things. Many people don't pull weeds anymore, they spray chemicals on them instead. We don't chase our dogs when they run out of our yards anymore, the electric fence zaps them instead.

Guess what this does for us people? We might live longer because we don't get stressed out trying to clean off our snow-laden vehicles in the morning. But, we are doing less with our bodies. We are using less muscles. We are burning less calories. We are not developing and maintaining our muscles. We are becoming lazier. We are allowing devices and things to do just about everything for us.

We are also teaching future generations a poor body image and how to be lazy.

When your children and grandchildren see you sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours a day, using a cellphone, watching TV on your computer, or your Kindle, or your cellphone, those watchful, developing children will follow your lead and they too will learn faster than we ever will---how to use all of these devices.Children are growing up using handheld video games, carrying cellphones that contain their very existence. Kids are not, unless you make the effort learning how to exercise, play outside, ride bikes, play hopscotch, and all those things we did when we were kids.

Then when a new study comes out warning us that millions of kids are overweight, really who do we have to blame?

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