Monday, May 21, 2012

Mick Jagger made last SNL show of the season worth watching! by Kate Johns

Anybody see Saturday Night Live's last show for the 2012 season which makes it what like 50 years SNL has been on the air now? I watched it, and if you didn't you missed the best SNL show to come down the pike in years!!
What made this last SNL of the season so incredibly funny was Mick Jagger hosting the show.
I tuned in, thinking "Oh who cares, Mick Jagger is just some old dude, lead singer for the Rolling Stones."
But he was super funny. Even the opening monologue from the Stones front man was funny as he told people how he was always asked stupid questions like , "Who is your favorite Stone?"
He answered with, "Who do you think I'm going to say----Myself, that's who!"

When SNL came back from an advertising extravaganza, Mick was introduced as a judge on yet another singing competition as none other than American Idol's Steven Tyler.
Mick did a spot on imitation of Steven Tyler. He was wearing a long, gray wig complete with a  big, ugly 1970's clip on feather. He was wearing exactly what Steven Tyler wears, some ugly 1970's gray jacket. He was so funny, smiling from ear to ear saying, "That was so awesome, Dude."

When you think about it, how hilarious is that--- an old, successful rock star imitating another old successful rock star!
SNL implemented Mick in several skits where he was equally as funny, and he sang two songs, moving like a 20 year old on stage not some 69 year old rockstar dude.

But alas one of the funniest people on SNL left this season, that of Kristen Wiig. SNL wasn't that great anymore anyways, but now that it's funniest female performer is gone, I for one will not be watching----unless they bring back Mick Jagger to strut around, or act like a shy working stiff.

Even better would be to have next fall's season opener with Steven Tyler imitating Mick Jagger!!!

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