Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Polish dentist pulls out all of her ex-boyfriend's teeth by Kate Johns

Another reason to be scared of the dentist. Having the dentist put you out, and then yank out all of your teeth, or do something else just as horrible.You may have heard this story already making the rounds on the Internet about a jilted dentist who took out all of her former boyfriend's teeth----all 32 of them out of his mouth in one explosive rage!

The story goes like this----Polish dentist, Anna Mackowiak, who is 34 pulled out all of her ex's teeth after he, Marek Olszewski, 45, broke up with her. He went to her to get some work done.
She said, she would take care of his teeth. Instead she put him out with really strong drugs, and admittedly locked the office door. Then she proceeded to yank every single one of this teeth out. Do you have chills running up and down your spine yet? Can you say revenge or psycho?

Then she put a ton of gauze in his mouth and sent him on his way.

To his horror, when he left he discovered he was toothless. And he is pressing charges. Mackowiak could go to jail for several years due to her moment of rage.

Seeing this story going round the Internet, I saw people making harsh statements such as, "He deserved it!" Women were saying, "He shouldn't have gone to her for treatment."
I chimed in right away with"She sounds like a lunatic and should be locked up."

She has a license to take care of people responsibly, not to use her dentistry education to enact revenge on people.
Do you think she should go to jail for several years, or do you think she was just getting back at him?

You've got my take---throw her in jail, and let her think about how much money she is losing and her expensive dental education. Hey, she could become the jail's new free dentist!Copyright(c) 2012, written by Kate Johns a freelance author since 2004.

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