Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Should we fine people for swearing in public?

Have you noticed that more people than ever before are swearing in public places? Little kids, pre-teens, teens, young adults, moms and dads are all swearing. Many times you will hear parents, and kids swearing up a storm like it is the okay thing to do anywhere.

Well, maybe it is time to put your money where your mouth is. It's time to fine adults, over 18 years of age, for swearing in public places.
The only problem  is who is going to catch the swearing person?
Will cops have to walk through parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and public sidewalks handing out tickets to people that swear?

What I've noticed happening is people of every age seem to think we don't need to have any manners whatsoever anymore, and it is okay to swear everywhere we are.

I blame the Internet and TV. Kids are seeing and hearing swearing more than their parents did----unless the parents are younger than 25.With the advent of 24 hour TV, reality TV,and without any family viewing time left on TV, swearing, sex, violence, is available for kids to learn and learn from.The Internet is riddled with people airing their opinions and swearing up a storm. I'm not saying I'm perfect, because on Yahoo News, I found myself making crude comments also. But, I stopped swearing online---in chat rooms, and on very public forums, because it can be seen by anyone of any age.
What it comes back to is; should towns start metting out a monetary fine for swearing in public places?
My answer is yes, and a town in Massachusetts, is already considering doing just that.
The only problem is, who is going to hand out the tickets? Will undercover cops be dispatched to certain high crime swearing areas? Will we people feel even more restricted, and overburdened than we already do if such a fine system happens? Copyright(c), 2012, written by freelance author Kate Johns.

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